Few questions about the research you made ( murdochs)

Few Questions about Murdoch s affiliation Few Questions about Murdoch What motivated you to pursue the topic? I was motivated to pursue this topic because I have always had an interest on media and how the media houses are run. Looking at News Corp and Rupert Murdoch is a great way to analyze the media industry
What key literature did your explore?
I explored several Internet sources but of utmost help to me was; Keeble, L. R., & Mair, J. (2012). The Phone Hacking Scandal: Journalism on Trial. Arima Publishing, 2012 and Parker, C. (2002). The Open Corporation: Effective Self-regulation and Democracy. Cambridge University Press.
What hypotheses or research questions did you establish going into the project?
I used a null hypothesis which was: News Corp’s scandals have had great implications on the global media industry
What research design/methods did you use, and why?
I used a qualitative research method since I was confined to the house and could not go out to conduct surveys and collect data for quantitative research
What have you found, so far?
In my research, I found out that the Corporation has vast political and industry influence that can be abused if not checked by the relevant regulatory mechanisms
What are some of your conclusions?
The corporation exploited loop holes in the regulatory laws of the countries it was operating in and abused its industrial and political influence to cover up some of its actions to avoid prosecution
What are the implications of these findings regarding global/international media?
The implications of these findings are that many countries have now put in place mechanisms to check on monopoly in the media industry. This is because News Corp enjoyed widespread market share that gave it immense influence that can be comparable to monopolies.
What are the limitations of your project/study?
The limitations of my study were the over reliance on written sources whose degree of biasness could not be ascertained and also time limitation
Given what you now know, what would you have done differently?
Given the above limitations, I would have used a mixture of qualitative and quantitative methods so as to get a much more balance outlook of the corporation and the media industry