”fault in our stars” by john green essay sample

The Fault In Our Stars is a novel, written by n. It’s a love story containing two teenagers that are on the same page. They are both cancer patients, Augustus Walters and Hazel Grace Lancaster. They meet each other at a support group for cancer kids. The director of the support group had also had cancer but he has lived past it and is trying to help people who have the same problem as he did. When they are at the support group they Hazel meet Issac, one of Augustus’s friends. He had cancer in his eyes and was getting them removed to get rid of the cancer. Issac had a girlfriend before he got his eyes removed and they had a thing about saying always, back and forth to each other. It was their way of saying they were never going to have each other and that they would stay together forever and always. While all of this was happening Hazel and Augustus were waiting for their rides, watching Issac and his girlfriend.

Augustus could not keep his eyes off of Hazel and she wondered why, he kept the conversation going then without a thought he pulled out a cigarette, this automatically made Hazel fur ious. The thought of such a “ Perfect guy.” with cancer pulling out a cigarette was just disgusting. They told him that it was stupid for him, a kid who has had cancer would still smoke a cigarette, which is a reason people have cancer. He let her talk out her anger, with a bright smile on his face. He explained to her that he never lit one, therefore he was just putting it between his lips, never giving it the power to hurt him. He grinned watching her expression, only to do simple flip of his hands and say, “ It’s a metaphor.”

He later asked her to go to his house and watch a movie with him, though it was the first time they had met Hazel said yes after a few smart comments. On the ride to Augustus’s house Hazel found out that he was an awful driver, and it wasn’t just because he had a prosthetic leg, he said that was more of the reason he he got his drivers license because they diving instructor felt bad for him. Hazel met his parents quickly, moving down to Augustus’s basement. He asked her questions about herself and her story, though Hazel still couldn’t shake it that he would never just call her Hazel. He always called her Hazel Grace. They spoke for quite sometime then changing the subject to a book Hazel loved and had read many of times, Imperial Affliction.