Fat, sick and nearly dead

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead
Obesity and overweightness has been an enormous obstacle for so many people all around the globe. It has caused low self-esteem, health problems and sicknesses, and even difficulty in performing daily activities. This documentary film entitled Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead records two men’s journey into discovering that change starts with your own self and that only you can help yourself, no one else. Centered around two individuals who have allowed their bodies to be destroyed and trashed, this film shows and presents their journey to a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle. This path to health involves a diet lasting sixty days that involves only fruit and vegetables.
Roughly a hundred pounds overweight, stuffed with steroids and ill with an encumbering autoimmune illness, Joe Cross is unable to find hope. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead is an inspirational and a moving documentary film that records Cross’s personal undertaking to gain back his fitness and health. With doctors and medication incapable to provide lasting help, Cross is left with no choice but to rely on the body’s capability to cure itself. He throws the junk food out of the window and travels all across America with a juicer and generator, declaring to drink only fresh fruit and vegetable juice for the following two months.
As he journeys across America to talk to more than five hundred Americans about food and health, Cross encounters Phil Staples, a truck driver who is experiencing the same situation.
Lugubriously overweight and so close to death’s door, Phil Staples starts his personal journey to live a normal healthy life once again. What arises is astoundingly remarkable, an inspirational story of recovery and human relationship. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead presents an exceptional and heartening tale of two individuals from two different worlds that, with a common goal, unite.
This movie has undoubtedly opened my eyes to the reality of obesity in our society. It is a serious condition and has serious effects. There are so many people in this world right now who are suffering from overweightness. They must take action right away before their downhill path gets any worse. The consequences of obesity are great and sometimes, irreversible. Sickness and illnesses, susceptibility to heart diseases and cancer are far greater than people with a healthy weight. Discipline and the determination are they key aspects that will surely help one in regaining their health and the many years they have lost due to obesity.
Your lifestyle is of utmost importance because it determines your everyday life. It defines who you are and what you are capable of. However, most importantly, your lifestyle determines how long you will live.
This documentary film is a very inspiring and an eye-opening movie. It makes you come to realize that yes, there are medications and doctors that can help you cope with obesity. Nonetheless, these will not completely change you back to the normal, healthy you. Medicine and doctors cannot by themselves do that for you. You have to make great effort and sacrifice, and that the only person that can ever save you is yourself.
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