Falling behind and falling apart: the bottom billion by paul collier

The paper ” Falling Behind and Falling Apart: The Bottom Billion by Paul Collier” is a worthy example of a business book review.
In this book, the author argues that the major challenge facing developers is that countries at the bottom, referred to as the bottom billion, are not at peace with the rest and hence falling apart. As a result, these countries are being detached from the world economy, making integration almost impossible. The author highlights the major factors that have contributed to this stagnation, which he refers to as ‘ traps.’ Specifically, four major traps are discussed: conflict, natural resources, bad governance and being landlocked with bad neighbours. As the author rightfully points out, many of the countries at the bottom got caught in at least one of these traps. These countries, which are mainly small and poor, are from Africa and Central Asia. Although some of these countries have succeeded in escaping these traps, they have found it difficult to catch up with the developing world due to the hostile nature of the global market to new entrants.
The author also illustrates the importance of growth in development. In his analysis, the author notes that those countries that are not part of the bottom billion have experienced rapid growth in per capita income compared to the bottom billion countries. For instance, the middle four billion countries per capita income grew by 4% per year compared to a mere 0. 4% for the bottom billion countries. The author argues that in order to eliminate poverty, the bottom billion countries need to start growing. According to the author, although the problem facing these countries is huge, it is fixable. This can be achieved through the formulation of policies that will encourage these countries to move toward change. This will require joint efforts from all governments worldwide. However, as the author rightfully notes, change has to come from these bottom billion countries.