Extraordinary life

There was a young lady with her signified attitude, having difficulties on her living. Here she is Nexiah. Once upon a time rainy evening of February 5, a mother gives birth to her baby. She and her husband give name Nexiah to the little baby. They decided that the baby will be their youngest child and now, they have five siblings including the newborn baby. Their neighbors and relatives said, “ It seems that the youngest one is the apple of an eye of the couple”. However, they just ignore that outlook because for them, they love them all their siblings. While Nexiah is growing up her parent, observe that even though she has many friends there were also some people like her sister and brother that misunderstood her. Her parents will not wonder if why she is like that. Like the other child, she has the negative traits. Moreover, it is being short tempered and sometimes annoyed. One of her craziness is when someone is irritated on her she do things that will make that person more disgusted. When her father find out what she had done she think that she will be punish that’s why she will make the first move like asking “ Father how was your day, is it good? Hope it is”. And she will request to have a bonding in an ice cream parlor and order her favorite chocolate flavored ice cream. When she was schooling on high school, she met different person. She thought that it would make her hard to have friends on that school because of her being short tempered. But she was wrong because those people were great companion. She learned a lot during her high school existence include those bad things she knew. One of that are the shocking words she did not hear before. She has the vivid times with her classmates and schoolmates. Having a companion on college is not awkward in her. She knows how to socialize although her attitude will not evaporate. She can control her feelings on communicating others. While she is studying, she has a communication to her former classmate on high school. They have the gadgets to communicate like cell phones and computer or laptop through internet. Nexiah have much insecurity in life. She is not the ostentatious one in showing love to her family. She cannot share problem to her family, she solve it by herself. She hates those people who are synthetic. That was who Nexiah is.