The Changes of Expression In this paper i will discuss the way expression has changed from the way it was in prehistoric times to the present time. The three items that have evolved are non verbal communication, speech, and the writting format. First of all non verbal comminunication the has evolved by simple movements to sign language. what is non verbal communication? The sending and receiving of messages thru movements of the body, postures and expressions of the face. Example the shking of a raaised fist to show a sign af anger, is know expressed in sign laanguage as movement of hands with finger slightly bent from your stomach towards your grimaced face. “www. ehow. com/video_4403498_sign-feelings-sign-language. htm” Secondly speech has also evolved by putting basic phonemes and syllables together and forming words and phrases. people have become lazy by not pronunciationg syllables correctly and trying to come up with shortcuts to get messages across. Slang words have been made to make a word such as fat to mean many meanings such as phat like pretty hot and tempting. Finally writting has evolved by making rules such as the rules found on page 308 in Esl Doxography 101 (2006), Dr. Clark von Heller. For example, rule #8 never use “ there” except as a position or place. Youths of today have forgoten the rules of writing due to the new technology avalable such as texting and emailing. in conclusion the three items that have evolved are non verbal communiton, speeech, and the writing format. these are the things that have made changes of expression possible. i do not believe some of these things are good because people have forgoten the rules that made speech beautiful.