Experience as a mechanical engineer – resume/cv example

Experience as a Mechanical Engineer

I have performed robotics and automotive engines jobs. This gave me exposure when it comes to handling matters of the same nature. I am trained to fix a single component of an extremely large system. Therefore, finding effective and efficient solutions has been nurtured in the course of my career. Either alone or as a member of a team, my experience demands problems solving techniques on any project or system. I have worked for small and influential companies. Modern technology has caused the duties of a mechanical engineer to be advanced. I have a course on computers programming, and I can use information technology and computer techniques when the need arises. While working for large companies, I had to be part of a team. This gave me the experience to be a team player and to appreciate harmony within the team makes. In small companies, teams were understated, and I developed an independent mind when it comes to looking for solutions. My academic transcripts indicate a top student especially in math’s and physics and one who is in this field out of passion. My experience was consolidated while I attended an internship in the course of learning. I was able to acquire skills from the ground and improve on inadequacies.
The engineering field is a wide field and requires vast experience and exposure (Derbyshire 2012). The exposure I have is helpful but has room for improvement. This is because the mechanical engineering field is dynamic and enormous. It demands time and aggressiveness in order to have knowledge of systems. The other weakness is the use of old technology, especially in the student’s laboratories.