Exercise has changed my life

Module How Exercise Has Changed My Life My life has been passive when it comes to exercise and fitness. I ate what I wished andnever got involved in any sporting activities, and indulged in unhealthy activities like taking of alcohol. However, I always knew such a lifestyle could not be without its consequences. Though I considered many exercise regimens, I never started any. Constant procrastination was as far as my exercise plan went (Aldana, 230-254). Finally, I decided to put an end to the sedentary lifestyle. The causes that informed my decision to exercise led to living quite a healthier and fulfilling life. This paper discusses the physical exercises that have caused the effect of my better wellbeing.
Stretching. The first cause of my better health is engaging in stretching exercises. This has led to my reduced muscle tension and increased muscular coordination. Stretching has also increased the circulation of blood. It has also led to increased flexibility and range of joint movements. It also relieves back pains and increases balance. All these benefits point to a healthier body.
Jogging. The second cause of better health is jogging. It has improved my health in many ways including better cardiovascular fitness, controlled blood pressure, stronger bones, prevention of diabetes and a stronger immune system. Jogging has also helped in improving my mental fitness and increasing my HDL cholesterol.
Free Weights. The third cause of my improved health is free weights. It causes the health benefits of improved muscle tone and coordination, increased body versatility and burns more calories than other exercises. Working with weights decreases the body’s susceptibility to injury as it protects bone health and muscle mass.
Exercise has changed my life for the better. The exercise programs have caused positive, beneficial changes in my body and general lifestyle (Kerr, Lindner, and Blaydor, 128-152). The effect of a healthier body with decreased medication and decreased visits to doctors pose an appreciable amount of health and financial gains. The range of exercise regimens available is endless. This paper has just set out three examples which I have personally used to improve on my health. These examples depict some of the most basic exercises one may indulge in without incurring a lot of expenses. They do not also involve expensive equipment or special gymnasium space. They also do not necessarily require hiring of a professional trainer. I would recommend these exercises for anyone wishing to change from a sedentary lifestyle.
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