Example of what is your right age: survey and result essay


Health is not just the state of our physical body, a good health is a factor of a healthy body, healthy mind, balanced diet, and perfect fitness regime. Though we all know this fact we just tend to ignore many of these factors due to our busy lifestyles. It is highly recommended that we all should take the “ Real Age Test” via the www. realage. com website. The survey results give an understanding of functional age in contrast with the actual age of a person owing to the person’s physical and mental health.

The Test

The survey is divided into four parts – health, diet, feelings and fitness. Below follows the details of each section.
Health – This section checks out a person’s physical health be it the, eye, bone, cancer, any type of illness, skin, some segments on man and woman heath, size, weight, waist size, any medication taken frequently, how frequent the person meets a doctor, blood pressure, diabetes cholesterol, and other unhealthy habits like alcoholic or smoker.
Feelings – This section checks whether a person is happy in their personal lives. How close are they and how much they share with their friends and family.
Diet – This section is a factor of what type of food habits does one practice, vegetarian, vegan or non-vegetarian. Is the diet balanced with right amounts of carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

Fitness – This segment confirms how frequently and how much of physical activity is done

The Result:
I am physically fit with a small joint problem, but I have not recently been to a doctor to check my cholesterol BP and sugar levels, which is not a good thing to do. I have a big family of seven members with two kids who and my life revolves around them. I am working and do most of the chores for my family. One good thing I do is surround myself with positive and happy people. A healthy sleeping habit and normal exercise habit are very useful for healthy living. In general we all know alcohol and cigarette is injurious, and I have not tasted any of them in my life. Thus with current age of 33. 8 I scored 31. 8 which means my functional age is less than the actual one. I owe it to my healthy habits.


www. realage. com
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