Example of weekly movie rentals essay

Project Description:

You are an assistant manager at Premiere Movie Source, an online company that enables customers to download movies for a fee. You are required to track movie download sales by genre. You gathered the data for May 2012 and organized it in an Excel workbook. You are ready to create charts to help represent the data so that you can make a presentation to your manager later this week.

I have extensive knowledge of excel formatting from years of high school and college projects, experiments, presentations. If this assignment requires the simple formatting of the attached file, I may be able to help.

For the purpose of grading the project you are required to perform the following tasks:

Points Possible

Start Excel. Download and open the file named Exploring_e03_Grader_EOC. xlsx.

In the chart, remove the Category Totals from the legend, and adjust the data range to exclude the weekly and category totals. Change the row and column orientation so that the weeks appear in the category axis, and the genres appear in the legend.

Add the chart title Sept 2012 by Genre above the chart and add the rotated value axis title Number of Downloads.

Move the legend to the top of the chart and then drag the bottom of the chart so that the bottom edge aligns with the bottom of row 40.

Format the horizontal axis labels with 12 point size.

Display major and minor horizontal gridlines.

Add data labels in the Outside End position of the Drama data series. Add a Yellow fill color (under Standard Colors) to the data labels.

Add a linear trendline to the Drama data series.

In cell G5, insert a line sparkline for the weekly data for Action & Adventure (B5: E5). Do not include the category total. Copy the sparkline down to the range G6: G15. Format the sparklines by applying Sparkline Style Dark #6, display the high point, and format the high point marker color as Red (under Standard Colors).

Create a clustered bar chart on the worksheet using the genre name and weekly totals (A4: E14). Move the chart to its own sheet and name the sheet Bar Chart.

Change the chart type to a stacked bar chart. Add the chart title Sept 2012 Total by Genre above the chart.

Apply the Style 31 chart style to the bar chart. Apply the Layout 3 layout style to the chart.

Display the value axis in units of thousands. Display the category axis names in reverse order using the Format Axis dialog box.

Set the scaling option to print the Sept Data worksheet to only one page. Display Print Preview.

Ensure that the worksheets are correctly named and placed in the following order in the workbook: Bar Chart, Sept Data. Save and close the workbook, and submit based on your instructor’s directions.

Total Points