Example of summarize your current level of responsibility and decision- making ability in your admission essay


I am part of the top management team in a fast growing company in the service industry. The service industry as compared to the manufacturing industry is highly dynamic. This is because the demands of clients keep on changing. The trends are also rapidly changing. Therefore, the company must continually make strategic decisions to guide its operations. It must try to establish the market patterns and plan well in advance so as not to be caught flat footed by the rapid changes taking place in the market. I am part of the team that is tasked with these responsibilities. I am involved in strategic planning in the company. I participate in the formulation of strategic plans to guide the company forward. This task comes with a very high level of responsibility. While the lower level managers can afford to make mistakes which may not be very costly to the company, the level of responsibility placed on myself and others in the top management does not allow room for error. Any errors we make in the strategic planning process could be fatal for the company.
As the company is growing its business, it is seeking to expand to other regions of the country. Ultimately, the company aims to expand into other markets outside the country. The company’s long term plan is to become a recognized global brand. I am directly involved in formulating strategies for the expansion of the company both nationally and beyond the country’s borders. I lead the team that is tasked with this responsibility. I am tasked with guiding my team so as to ensure we acquire the correct information about areas the company intends to venture into. Furthermore, it is my responsibility to present the findings of my team to the rest of the senior level management. In most cases, they will agree with the proposals I put forward regarding the expansion plans of the company. This increases the level of responsibility bestowed upon me. This is because any failures in the expansion plans of the company can directly be traced back to me.
In the next five years, I intend to quit formal employment in the company and start my own company. The company will be offering the same services as the company I currently work for. In the next five years, I intend to see to it that the company I will establish will have already started operations in at least four states in the country. I believe that such an opportunity will provide the ultimate opportunity of my career growth. To achieve these goals, I intend to further my education by pursuing a MBA at the University of North Carolina Business School. I believe that gaining an admission to this prestigious institution will present me with an opportunity of acquiring the necessary skills of how to establish and run a successful company in the twenty first century. I also intend to travel widely so as to observe how other successful companies operate in their markets. An MBA from the University of North Carolina Business School will be instrumental in my achieving of the above stated goals. This is because the University of North Carolina MBA is specifically tailored for imparting skills to manage modern businesses. Furthermore, the MBA will provide me with the requisite skills to handle the many challenges that are associated with running your own business. In addition, the MBA will equip me with the necessary skills to ensure the successful growth of my company.