Example of strategic planning and it alignment case study

Describing the Current Situation, Major Issues in the Case

Information technology has been integrated in health centers in improving patients’ safety and condition. In the recent times, nursing and pharmacy fraternity has employed advanced technological strategies in ensuring operations in health institutions are running smoothly. According to Langley Mason Health (LMH), nursing and pharmacy employees are considering an information technology that could be implemented to help patients’ safety and treatment in the health institution. Marilyn Moore, the chief information officer, acknowledges the importance of such improvement from the aging pumps into smart IV pumps. On the contrary, there are various views within the institution that have resulted into challenges in implementing such strategies. According to Marilyn Moore, there are other practices that can be integrated to achieve the stated goal and objective. For instance, in optimizing safety in medication, the organization should combine electronic medication administration records, automated pharmacy systems, smart IV pumps, bar coding, computerized discharge prescriptions, and robots in order to facilitate operations .
The issue at hand lies on the proposed technological advancement put forward by the director of pharmacy and the chief information officer of LMH. There are different opinions on how the organization should proceed in implementing new technology that will ease medical operations and patients’ safety. The proposed smart IV pump strategy will play an imperative role in the institution through provision of patients’ safety. On the contrary, the strategy is postulated to take a long implementation period and remain effective. According to the director of pharmacy, Paul Robinson, the strategy will have high implementation costs that the company can avoid for the time being through establishment of other short-term strategies .

Different Perspectives of both Directors

Paul Robinson, the director of pharmacy, has the same ideology as the chief information officer, though he differs in some aspects of the strategy. The main aim of LHM is to facilitate and promote effective services within the organization through modern and advanced technology. According to Paul Robinson, the implementation of such a strategy has advantages and disadvantages that are associated with the strategy. Paul Robinson suggests that the implementation of such strategy within the system will take a long period of time and will have significant costs of the organization. Therefore, he opts for other strategies that will take a short period of time and are cost effective .


According to Paul Robinson’s idea, the company will reduce the risk of spending a lot on a long-term project. The organization will also have adequate capital to initiate short-term strategies that will be effective in a short period of time. On the contrary, LMH can deal with other core issues that affect the institution besides investing in another new technology. He further suggests that the new technology can be put into a halt as a result of its long planning process. By contrast, there are other issues that need to be given an upper hand in the organization.


Robinson’s idea has also its disadvantages that will adversely affect organizational operations and patients’ safety. The implementation of smart IV pumps is of imperative importance for nursing and pharmacy fraternity. Replacement of the aging pumps will ensure the reduction of errors during medication. This will, significantly, help reduce infliction harmful effects on patients. It is, therefore, crucial to implement the strategy in order to enhance safety within the institution .
According to Marilyn Moore, the implementation of new technology alongside other strategic practices will help in improving patients’ safety within the institution. There are myriad advantages that are attributed with smart IV pumps relative to the aging pumps. Marilyn also suggests the implementation of other practices such as robots, and bar coding among others in order to facilitate and ease medical processes. On the contrary, the aforementioned technologies come with very high costs of implementing. Therefore, this will require the institution to divert its capital in implementation of the strategies.


Implementation of such a strategy within the institution will play an imperative role in ensuring smooth operations in LMH. Patients’ safety will, therefore, be put under consideration in order to avoid harmful effects. The new technology will also allow efficiency in the health center’s undertakings. In modern times, innovations and advancement in technology have helped in improving patients’ safety. Expansions of business opportunities and empowering consumers have resulted from new technology and information.


The Marilyn’s idea of new technology has a quite a number of disadvantages that limit the operations of another institution’s practice. The new technology is stipulated to take a long period before its implementation. This means that the company has to focus on that specific strategy for a long period. Therefore, LMH will be reluctant in undertaking any other strategies because of high implementation costs. The institution will be restrained of adequate funds to carry out the new technology .

Which Approach seems to be an Appropriate?

Both the chief information officer and the director of pharmacy have a relevant and considerable point of views. The main aim of the strategy is to improve health center provisions, and enhance efficiency in patents’ safety. On the contrary, both ideas are aimed at achieving the set goals and objectives. According to LMH, its main function is to promote patient safety and ensure they get high quality services. Marilyn Moore argues that there are various information technology practices that can be incorporated within the institution. For instance, implementation of electronic medication administration, and automated pharmacy systems among others, will be of significant importance to Langley Mason Health (LMH). These technologies facilitate the way operations are carried out in the health industry. As a result, LMH will improve its performance through improved technology leading to the achievement of its goals .

How to Mediate such Discussion if Participants are to Come into a Consensus

In an organization such as LMH, there is usually a conflict of ideas and interests that lead to poor management and strategic practices. The aforementioned discussion can be settled through decisions from the top management cadre. According to LMH, there are issues that could be considered of vital importance for the medical institution. The implementation of a particular technology will depend on the institution’s ability to adequately fund the process. It is, therefore, important for LMH to reach a consensus in order to figure out the vital technology to undertake. One of the aspects to be considered in reaching a consensus is the availability of sufficient funds to carry out specified technologies. The management is thus obligated to find a possible solution that will ensure all institution’s objectives are met within the stipulated time.


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