Example of specialized clinical procedure reflection essay

I took this class, primarily, because it is one of the requirements in completing the Medical Assistant Program. However, I am happy that I enrolled with Professor Maria Campagnale as she is an outstanding professor and she discussed the topics in a way that was both clear and interesting. Furthermore, she is very helpful to all of her students. She provides detailed notes and helps everyone to prepare for exams as she genuinely wants them to succeed. If all professors worked in the same way as Prof. Campagnale, college courses would be a wonderful experience.
Since taking this class, I have learned about working with the Snellen chart, Visual Acuity Testing, Ishihara Test and other eye examinations.
Prior to this class, I didn’t feel that I was able to learn quickly enough to cope with all of my lessons. Many times throughout the last semester, during which I studied other related courses, I struggled to participate in class discussions because I had trouble understanding the medical terms. Despite my difficulties in understanding, I maintained good grades and achieved well at the end of the class. Now that I have taken my current class, I am considering applying for the nursing degree program. I have discovered that my true passion is taking care of people I am determined to fulfil my dream of becoming a nurse.
Regarding my strengths and weaknesses relating to this course, one of the problems I first encountered was the large number of students in the class. This meant that not all of us were able to perform each test required. At the beginning of the semester, I considered dropping the class because of this situation, and also because there was a conflict within my work schedule. However, I am very glad that I did not. I am now happy attending the class and I hope to maintain high grades.
In conclusion, I have very much enjoyed the experience of this class. The experience has opened my eyes to who am I as a person. I have become more confident and goal-oriented and, furthermore, I will finish the course with more knowledge and will be ready to face the challenge of being a Medical Assistant.