Example of research paper on treatment of lesbian and gay teachers

The world today has become one of the complex places to be. As a matter of fact, there are many changes that have taken place. One of the debatable and controversial issues in the education sector is to do worth lesbian and gay teachers. The lesbian and gay teachers are treated in various ways. In most countries, the issue of gay and lesbian has not been made public, and it is assumed to be illegal. In some states, especially the developed country everyone has a right robe gay or a lesbian making a legal behavior. The treatment of gay and lesbian teachers is viewed by many to be negative in society. Going public on issues of gay and lesbians for teachers is a great risk (Stewart 12). Despite the established rights for the gay and lesbian teachers they still face a lot of challenges are treated negatively on most regions of the world.
The lesbian and gay teachers are tried in most cases as the outcast in society. Studies show that most lesbian and gay teachers have been fired in case they are realized to be gay or lesbian. Perhaps, most of the gay and lesbian teachers teaching religious institutions have always been victims in society. For example, one of the Catholic schools in Ohio fired a lesbian teacher. This sort of treatment is rampant in many religious affiliated schools since they believe that it is an immoral act to be a gay or lesbian in society (Cassyd 20). In addition, within the education system lesbian and gay teachers have suffered the discriminatory attacks. Most people in society believe that lesbian and gay teachers are in a position of teaching the students’ immoral behaviors, especially those who have come out and talked about their sexuality.
Lesbian and gay teachers are also harassed in society due to their sexuality. Those who have opted to come out publicly on their sexuality in order to address the issues of gay and lesbian students have been harassed and victimized for such behaviors in schools. In some occasions, the lesbian and gay teachers have been physically harassed and verbally abused even infants of their students (Stewart 28). The gay and lesbian teachers have in most cases been victimized for the increasing cases of immorality, gay and lesbian behaviors in schools. The society has never accepted the fact that there are lesbianism and homosexuality in schools, and in case of any incident the first people to take the blame are the gay and lesbian teachers (Cassyd 33). In fact, they are blamed for being the bad role models in schools.
The lesbian and gay teachers are ensuring that they stay away from the students. This has affected their service delivery. In most cases, gay and lesbian students are not given an opportunity to socialize with students and deliver the best in knowledge delivery. They are treated as the threat to the students in schools (Cassyd 38). The girls’ schools believe that lesbian teachers are a big threat to students, while gay teachers are a threat to boys. Therefore, the lesbian and gay teachers are viewed and treated in a negative way.
There are various institutions and organizations that have been established to focus on protecting the rights of gay and lesbian teachers. In addition, this institution also ensures that gay and lesbian students are free from harassment stigmatizations and discrimination because of their sexuality (Stewart 45). The society has not accepted the issue of gay and lesbian teachers, and most of these teachers have lost their jobs and victimization because of their sexuality. In general perspective, the responsible stakeholders must set in place rule and regulations that will ensure that the rights and freedom of teachers is guaranteed regardless of their sexuality.

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