Example of politics and the english language creative writing

The purpose of this paper is to provide a warning on the bad use of English language both verbally and in print. The author, George Orwell informs the audience that the reason for communication is to bring out clarity and understanding as opposed to confusion. He states that misuse of English affects the speeches made to the public in political forums and literature. According to him, the language had been misused politically leading to further abuse. By providing evidence of the poor usage of the language by the most learned men, he demonstrates that the political scenario of any place cannot change without proper use of language.
He uses a firm stance to defend the English language. He strongly condemns all people who take part in its abuse and provides remedies that can enable English speakers and writers to improve their niche. He proposes change of attitude and consideration of the future generation in the present use of the language. By use of imagery and metaphors, he appeals to the reader to note the consequences of their present actions.
The intended audiences of Orwell’s message are young intellectuals, readers and writers. He writes his paper so that they can learn the effect created by their negligence and misuse of language. By hearing poor spoken language, people write poor languages and lower their thinking capacity leading to decadency in English standards. Such trends will eventually lead to its abatement and destruction. Decline of communication tools affect the political, social and technological standards of a country. His audience affects his specific subject and choice of words since he wants to pass his point across in strong terms. He knows that his words have a high probability of reaching the targeted group of writers and careless politicians and that is why he articulates his argument powerfully. According to him, positive attitude and the practice of using the right language can go an extra step in stabilizing language standards and elevating political standards.