Example of personal statement on law school

As the first person to graduate from college in my family, I chose to vary slightly from the norm. I’ve always been something of an overachiever, throwing myself into the things I choose to do with definite zeal. I’ve always been passionately curious, so higher education always seemed like a logical choice for me. Pursuing that first Bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan wasn’t easy, but quitting was never an option that I entertained. I loved learning and Criminal Justice studies too much to ever truly consider quitting.
In addition to my extensive education in Criminal Justice, I have worked in the criminal justice system for a number of years, and taught in the higher-education system as a professor and as an academic dean and program director as well. During my time as an educator, I sought to encourage young people to realize the value of education, but I also became quite adept at managing the politics within the higher-education environment. This ability has served me well over the years, and it is an ability that I believe to be fundamentally important in a good attorney as well.
After working in the higher-education system for nearly fifteen years, I decided to apply my skills in a more practical manner: I took a position on the Citizen’s Advisory Committee, where I collaborated with twelve other individuals and criminal justice professionals to make recommendations to the Department of Corrections regarding any issues facing the Department. I participated in this program in conjunction with my duties as a professor, then as a professor and program director, and then finally during my time as academic dean.
With such an array of degrees and experience in the criminal justice system to my name, people often question why I’ve decided to pursue further education in the form of law school.
The answer is simple: first, I have a great respect for education and its ability to increase one’s standard of living. I am the first in my family to obtain a degree, and the value of my education has never been lost on me. I also discovered long ago my passion for the criminal justice system. I’ve worked within the system in a variety of roles, but one of the most important and impactful roles within the system is the role of attorney.
I have always been particularly driven and focused; I do not believe in doing anything halfway. As a result, I have been very careful to continue my education outside of school, participating in various academic conferences and extended education programs, both within different criminal justice programs and with different organizational leadership programs. It has always been my goal to make myself the most well-educated individual that I could be; I strive to better myself continuously on a daily basis.
My specialty and area of study has long been the subject of African-Americans within the correctional institutions in the United States. As a criminal justice expert and professor I studied these issues extensively, and during my time on the Citizen’s Advisory Committee, I was able to influence those in powerful places to make some changes to the policies in place, particularly those that are discriminatory or racially-motivated. I have written published articles on these issues, but academic discourse can only go so far– my goal now is to receive legal education to better serve those who are underserved by the criminal justice system in America as it exists today.