Example of marketing communications research paper


The main purpose of an organization is to create an image in the minds of the consumers both of the organization and the products and services that they provide. To be able to create a presence, how an organization communicates with its target market is if paramount importance.
The most common mode of tools to communicate with the consumers is through the Promotional Mix of Advertising, sales promotion, public relations, personal selling, and direct marketing.
Key Words: Advertising, Promotion, Sales, Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC)

Marketing Communications

The basic essence of marketing communication for organizations is to connect with the consumers by utilizing different elements of the promotional mix in such a manner that creates awareness, trial, sales, and repeat sales and eventually loyalty which is the basic primes of all organizations to achieve a profitable and sustainable business model in an efficient manner (The Nature of Communication Chap 5, 2013).
The promotional mix (advertising, sales promotion, public relations, personal selling, and direct marketing) encapsulates elements necessary to achieve a consumers base and an emotive connect in the minds of the consumers in relation to product or service.
This is in essence is called Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) which basically aids and abets in the development and the sustainability of a brands identity and equity which compels them to give the product or service a trial, through promotional mix awareness and the key touch points of the mix helps in generating repeat sales and eventual brand loyalty.
In the current globalized economy where the consumers have ample choices in relation to brands, organizations IMC’s efforts have to be even more targeted and focused to make sure the prospective and current consumers are catered to in a manner which results in loyalty.

Proctor and Gamble (P&G)

One organization which has stood the test of time and has been a leader in developing new tools and strategies to target its consumers is Proctor and Gamble (P&G).
One of the premier consumer product company P&G strives to activate its brands in the minds of the consumers through different tools and also focuses on Brand Activation one-on-one contact to in essence build relationships (The IMC Planning process Chapter 1, 2013).

Proctor and Gamble (P&G) – Marketing Communications

The primary tool of any organization like any P&G is advertising which the forms primary core for IMC, P&G spends exceedingly high budgets in advertising and in the year 2007 P&G spent $8. 5 billion dollars in media advertising & promotions which is high from GDP of numerous developing countries (The IMC Planning process Chapter 1, 2013).


P&G campaign to promote its Olympic sponsorship is an illustration of P&G creating an emotive connect with communication, the campaign ‘ Best Job’ focused on the mother’s role in raising athletes and champions. Just like this campaign the communication at P&G focuses on creating a story line with its brands that connects with the consumers on level with which they associate themselves in daily life (R. Tocquigny, 2012).
The IMC aspect of this campaign was tremendous as this campaign used online and print as well as imprinted on the products during the Olympics to strike a chord with the consumers on a multiple level. The campaign was awarded an Emmy for best commercial on primetime (R. Tocquigny, 2012).
The campaign focused on the brands that were directed towards its target market for the campaign i. e. Women and focused on brands such as Tide, Pantene, Head & Shoulders, Ariel and Pampers to name a few.

Sales Promotion & Public Relations:

Bus stops were used as outdoor advertising spots with regards to billboards and besides print several women centric magazines were targeted to promote the campaign.

Personal Selling & Direct Marketing:

The personal selling and direct marketing initiatives for the campaign which helped in creating a buzz for the campaign and also most importantly volumes sales during the campaign was utilized through in store initiative in conjunction with all the major retailers worldwide. (D. Aaker, 2013).
The media which has P&G most focused on is one on one interaction with the consumers and both the elements of the promotional mix personal selling and direct marketing involves that on ground and digitally also to connect with consumers of all age groups through this initiative.
Brand activation gave P&G the necessary interactive element with the consumers on targeted locations to communicate and connect the consumer with the campaign and through personal selling and direct marketing using the brand activation platform not only boosted the sales but also connected with people all over the world.


On a concluding note it is to be said that being the biggest consumer product organization P&G leads the way in innovative communication practices with their advertising campaigns and their use of new media has been copied by companies all over the world to connect with their targeted consumers and by linking the campaign with the main elements on which P&G stands i. e. wellness and comfort, only fortifies the fact that both the communication element at P&G and the use of integrated marketing communication is way ahead of the competition.


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