Example of essay on unjust laws and racism

The unjust laws were those that contributed towards the degradation of an individual’s personality. According to Martin Luther King Jr. a law that is unjust is one that is not in line with God’s laws. Such unjust laws usually exclude those in powerful positions from following them but on the other hand, it binds minority groups. Another example are the segregation ordinances which are unjust laws because it promotes segregation which is morally wrong. Unjust laws promoted discrimination on the basis of color, age and even gender and as such human beings did not share equal rights. There is an infringement on the right to privacy in as far as unjust laws are concerned. The problem of racism was widespread as it was perpetrated at an individual level and even in institutions.
During the time of Martin Luther King people would be killed for political purposes and even for purposes of self-advancement. Cornel West and Bell hooks talked about the problems on racism that was mainly dominant in the US where the blacks faced a lot of rejection, oppression and degradation by virtue of the color of their skin. West was against the practice of subjecting the blacks to the feeling of being unsafe, faced with violence and the feeling that they were not protected.
I am in support of the views given by Martin Luther King Jr., Bell hooks and Cornell West because God’s laws which forms the basis of just laws is Supreme and therefore, unjust laws go against moral principles. It is wrong to implement laws that oppress a minority group especially the blacks and yet the same laws are not binding on the majority whites. Furthermore, discrimination of people whether on the basis of their racial affiliation, gender or age is totally unfair because every individual is important and unique in their own way and should thus not be discriminated against.