Example of essay on human resource assessment


The human resource department is integral to the success of any organization. It provides the organization with the much needed labor to achieve its objectives. However even with its significance managing the human resource department is not always an easy task or at times given the emphasis it requires. One of the problems that human resource executives face is assessing their departments and communicating their findings to the company.

Assessing the human resource is difficult for most executives in this department because of the many variables involved in such an assessment. Most executives only base such assessments on a few variables such as employee to job available ratio, skills of employees and/or academic qualification of the staff. Due the multiplicity of variables involved, it is advisable for human resource executives to objectify their assessment to ensure that each evaluation meets the goals it is meant to achieve.

After the assessment is done, human resource executives are not assured of having an easy time in communicating their findings to the company. This is mainly because in most accounting tools, the human resource is listed as an expense and not as a profit contributor or asset. So, most managers outside the human resource department consider the labor resource as expenditure and not as actual asset to the company’s success. Due to this reason most managers consider an assessment showing reduced human resource numbers as the most appropriate assessment. This means that assessments by human resource executives that show that the organization needs to hire more staff are not in most cases welcome by the top management. A good example of such is in public administration where several ministries in various countries are understaffed.