Example of essay on how to survive job interview

A job interview is one of the most important and crucial events in a professional’s life. It can make or break a career. It is in an interview that you tell people about yourself, what you are, what you do and what your capabilities and strengths are, to do a particular job. It is a one-off chance to market or sell yourself in the best possible manner and prove to the interviewer why you stand out as a performer compared to other candidates. Why they should select you and not others, what is the winning factor they see in you and not others are questions YOU are an answer to. So be an impactful answer for the interviewers.
The key to not only surviving but also getting through successfully an interview is to be fully prepared for it. It’s just like making sure you do have a pizza base if you plan to make a pizza for dinner, it’s that simple. Its very important to be well-versed with your own resume and know each and every detail that you have put in your biodata. In this way you will be able to answer any question that the employer may ask regarding your resume. For instance if you have said in your resume that you are very meticulous and diligent in your work, and the employer asks you to give a real example of that, then you should be able to explain and prove how in your day to day work you work meticulously. It’s also important to research and be prepared to ask some questions to the employer at the end of the interview. Many companies use this strategy nowadays by giving the candidate an opportunity to ask them questions. The kind of questions you ask will reflect your knowledge and effective communication skills.
Since you are marketing yourself for a job, it’s important to highlight your strengths which will be relevant to the job. Do not mention any weakness which may raise a doubt in the interviewer’s mind about your capability. Arriving on time, how your demeanor is when you enter the interview room/hall, how you greet the interviewer and introduce yourself gives the first impression about your personality so pay importance to your first appearance. It’s a definite win if you enter with a smile and give an enthusiastic look.
Sometimes interviewers may ask impossible and strange questions such as how many buses can fit in a school? Be prepared and use your presence of mind to answer such questions with a mix of wit and humor.
It’s important to act and speak with confidence in an interview. Many times the interviewer simply wants to hear you talk and looks out for that confidence in your speech, which is an important characteristic for a professional in any job. However, at the same time be careful of not being overbearing or talking over the interviewer, as it can reflect negatively on your personality. It’s very important to be as natural as possible while presenting yourself as a complete fit for the job. Don’t exaggerate your abilities and prove by showing your experience how capably you can deliver the job.
In the end, never forget that ‘ pleasing word’ – Thank you! Leave by thanking the interviewer or write a note the next day thanking the company for calling you for the interview. Every one faces more than one interview in life, especially as we look for new and better job opportunities for professional growth. Therefore, it’s important to learn from previous mistakes and perform better in the next interview. Remember that the person interviewing once sat in the same chair where you are now sitting so relax and don’t be scared of the interviewer. Talk with a smile and be relaxed.


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