Example of essay on discussing various claims on global warming

The Sun is Causing Most of Global Warming

Environmentalists and other aspects of scientific researchers have performed various empirical researchers indicating that the earth has been getting warmer each year due to increased sunlight energy (www. skepticalscience. com). This effect has been associated with destruction of the ozone layer by greenhouse gases, hence exposing the earth to more ultraviolet rays from the sun leading to global warming.

Scientists do not Really Agree on Global Warming

Indeed, there have been conflicting ideas regarding global warming and its associated effects among different scholars and scientists. Some scientists argue that the sun and the climate have been going towards opposite directions; that is, the sun has experienced a cooling effect of the last three and half decades, while the earth’s climate has been getting warmer and warmer each year meaning that the sun is not the cause of global warming and climate change. However, through empirical and meteorological research, certain scientists have associated global warming and the increased exposure of the earth to ultra-violet rays of the sun.

It hasn’t Warmed since 1998 and therefore Global Warming is not Really Happening

In an empirical research performed in 2009 by Benestad, it is indicated that the maximum amount of solar contribution to global warming could be 7 percent for the 20 century; however, this figure is quite low and has negligible global warming effects or is quite low to cause global warming (www. skepticalscience. com). Such empirical studies have been used to argue that global warming has not occurred since the late 1970’s.

Antarctica is Actually Gaining Ice

Skeptics have argued that Antarctica is actually gaining more ice, contrary to the popular belief that global warming is facilitating the melting process of ice at the Antarctica. One of the major reasons provided for this argument is that ozone layers over the Antarctic have dropped leading to a an increased stratospheric cooling effects as well as winds exposing more water to be frozen (www. skepticalscience. com).

We have had severe winters Recently, evidence that the Earth is not Warming

Certain incidences of extreme cold temperatures for example during the record cold 2009-2010 cold and snowy winters that affected the Eastern parts of the United States have been used to argue that the Earth is not experiencing global warming (www. skepticalscience. com). Such incidences of extreme snow and cold are not expected in the contemporary society where many believe that global warming is has led to increased temperatures, hence extreme temperatures and snow are not expected to occur.

Cities have grown in Size and Cities are Generally Warmer than the Surrounding, Creating a false Temperature Reading

Many scientists also believe that most of the empirical researches associated with climate change are conducted in cities and other heavily populated residential regions. These regions are basically warmer than other surrounding regions due to increased heat of radiation caused by infrastructures as well as heat emitted due to certain anthropogenic activities (www. skepticalscience. com). In this regard, they believe that temperature readings indicating climate change are false.

Temperature Records are Unreliable, therefore we don’t really know what is going on

Some scientists believe that temperatures exhibit a high level of fluctuation from time to time; hence temperature records cannot be used to determine global warming or climate change. In this regard, they believe that humans do not really know the truth or what is happening.

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