Example of do you agree with our solutions to the violation of dress code policy? why or why not? case study

I agree with the solutions to the Dress Code Policy. I have been in workplaces where other employees did not follow the Dress Code Policy and it caused contention amongst other employees so I feel it is important to take proactive measures to ensure compliance. In the Case Study I agree that posting the Dress Code Policy in an eye catching place as a reminder is very effective. As well as dismissal if the employee fails to change their behavior after all other steps are exhausted.
If you were the person who violates the Dress Code Policy, what would you think when receiving the cloth from coworkers?
If I was the person violating the Dress Code Policy I would want to know the next steps in the disciplinary measures so I would know exactly how far I could go before any serious consequences occur. I would probably feel strange receiving cloth from co-workers but if the Dress Code Policy was clearly defined and referenced than I would not have any re-course but to follow it.
Should the company should interfere employees’ dress code in the workplace? Have you ever had this kind of this experience? How did your manager or company deal with it?
Yes, I think the company should interfere with employee’s dress code in the workplace. I have had an experience where a female co-worker consistently broke the Dress Code Policy by wearing revealing tops and extremely tight pants. It was uncomfortable for the other female employees and this particular female employee would use this to gain favor with the other male employees. The manager would discipline her and on occasion send her home. These measure were not really adequate and when I left the company she had still not changed her behavior.

What else describes a bad boss?

Another condition which is related to a bad boss is one who is not familiar enough with the company’s product or services to be helpful to the other employees. For example, when working in a business which sells products, the boss should be the most knowledgeable about the products to answer customer’s questions or at least knowledgeable enough to know how to find out the answers. By having this knowledge and familiarity with the products the boss serves as an example for the employees. I’ve been in a workplace where the boss was not familiar with the products and didn’t take the time to learn; therefore, he was not helpful when there was an issue or question with one of the products.

What else can you do to possibly help a situation with a bad boss?

In the situation with a bad boss it is important to let higher level supervisors know about the problems with your boss so they can address the situation. If they are unaware of the problems with your boss, they will have any information to take any corrective action
Have you ever had an experience with a bad boss? Have you been able to work around it or evens solve it? How?
Yes, the previous situation I described with a bad boss who was not knowledgeable about the store’s product was a bad experience. On numerous occasions I tried to provide him with additional tips and information about the products to help him learn more so he could be helpful to employees and customers. Unfortunately, he would constantly forget the information I provided him and would remain clueless about the products.

What are some important qualities in a leadership role?

An important leadership quality is when a leader would not ask someone else to do something he/she would not do themselves. A leader set the example for the group and if they are not willing to do the hard or even menial tasks, other employees will not be able to do them either. For example, if the leader will not take out garbage overflowing with trash the other employess will not take the garbage out either.

Why do you believe it is important to have a good boss? Why?

It is important to have a good boss because they are the example for the entire team. Their words, actions, and deeds set the tone for the group and guide the progress of the project/workforce. A good boss could make the difference between success and failure.

„What would you do if you were the CEO of GM?

„If I was a CEO of GM I would take the same approach as Whitacre. The company needed drastic measure to change the organizational culture in order to be successful. I agree with the decision of empowering the employees and trusting that they will make the correct decisions. Too much bureaucracy can have detrimental effects on efficiency creating wasted opportunities, time and money.

Do you agree with Whitacre’s tactics of running GM? Why or why not?

Yes, I highly agree with Whitacre’s tactics of running GM. I liked how he recognized the problem was much larger than a simple process change and made the effort to change the organizational culture, which is a much larger task and effort. I think he recognized the problem for what it was and took the right actions to correct. By decentralizing the decision making it promoted efficiencies and trust throughout the organization.
How do you think the company has progressed, seeing the interview with a current employee?