Example of differentiation & positioning

Figure 1. 1 is a positioning map showing our target customers’ percetions of our brand versus competing products on important buying dimensions, which are price and quality. Here shows two of our competitors, one is mcdonald which has large market share with low percieved price and quality. Another is a famous snack shop called Fie Jie located in Mong Kok. It is perceived low price and a quite good quality. And you can also see the predicted position of our brand whcih is perceived high price and quality.

In order to choose a differentiation and positioning strategy, we need to identify possible value differences and competitive advantages. It is clear that we have product differentiation. First, bur-dle is differ from traditional burgers that bur-dle use noodles instead of breads as the envelope. Second, bur-dle is portable noodles that can take away by hand. These value difference help bur-dle to gain competitve advantage to overcome its bad competitorenvironment. Then, what difference are bur-dle going to promote? The first one is important. Bur-dle is important to our target customers that it is portable and made to order.

Portable is important to our target customers that they prefer to eat and walk on the street at the same time. Made to order is important to our target customers that they always prefer a fresh one. The second one is distinctive. Bur-dle is distinctive that it is portable noodles and concern about vegetarians. In fact, we provide bur-dle without meat especially for vegetarians. For value proposition, it is more for more. Bur-dle sells at $25 whcih is generally higher than our competitors, for example mcdonald. On the other hand, bur-dle’s quality is high.

As mentioned before, bur-dle use meat supplied by companies that have quality guarantee, awards and recognitions. In addition, bur-dle is made to order, which means they are made only when customers order. For the tpye of buying behavior of our target customers, it is variety-seeking buying behavoir since there are low comsumer involvement and significant difference among brands. If there is variety-seeking buying behavior, there may be brand switching not because of dissatisfaction, but due to customers want to try new things. Therefore, we would like to provide more choices for our target customers.