Example of book review on ethical writing


Question one
Leadership is an important trait that each individual should seek to nurture and develop. In her book , the 85% Solution: How Personal Accountability Guarantees Success No Nonsense, No Excuses, Linda Galindo articulates this idea. Galindo is of the view that the fundamental way that people can be able to develop leadership is by acquiring a sense of responsibility in terms of the choices, behaviors, and the actions that people take. The lack of responsibility among the people is what has led to detrimental effects such as economic meltdowns. For example, in the 2008 recession, the lack of responsibility of people in terms of evaluating their investment strategies is one of the reasons why people found themselves in a difficult position when the housing bubble emerged. Galindo acknowledges that it is a process for an individual to be able to take responsibility of the actions that he and she undertake.
The eighty five percent solutions that leaders must take as proposed by Galindo enables leaders to be a people who can take risks and be prepared to face the consequences that arise from their actions. In the field of business for instance, there is a need for leaders to take risks in terms of trying to exploit new markets and coming up with new innovations. It is through taking these risks that micro-business ideas can be developed to be long-term development projects that are beneficial to all. The act of risk taking requires that one be ready to face the consequences that might result from losses or the success that might come from such an endeavor. In order to develop personal responsibility Galindo explains that one has to conduct a self-assessment of oneself.

Question two

The responsibility is 67
Question Three
This course is not only informative but is also transformative. Unlike other courses that I have taken for only the purposes of attaining a credit, this course directly contributes to my wellbeing. In the next 12 weeks I intend to gain remarkably from this course. First of all, I am hopeful that I am going to be able to lean more tips about being a successful and effective leader. This is going to be possible through the lectures and the reading material that is provided in this course. My success on this course is first and foremost based on my personal dedication for this course. This includes my personal initiative to make sure that I am always punctual in attending class sessions, being at tentative in class environment, taking notes for future reference, submitting assignments on time , as well as seeking the assistance of the instructor in case there are materials that is difficult to understand and comprehend. This means that most of the success that I intend to attain in this course is purely based on me and the efforts that I put forward in the course.
In spite of the fact that I have to take personal responsibility in this course, it is important to understand that other things also influence my success in this course. First, the instructor has to be committed toward making sure that all the class goals and objectives are realized. The realization of these objectives can be attained if the instructor is going to make sure that course material is covered with the set time. New assignment in the classroom should be introduced early enough to give me time to internalize and research more on the topics that are going to be addressed in this class. This means that as much as I am responsible for my success, the instructor is also responsible for the process of making sure that my success in this course is facilitated. One thing that is worth noting is the fact that the instructor has to provide timely feedback in the assignments that are given in class. In this way, I can be in a position to learn from the mistakes that I might have made in the written assignment in the classroom environment. In addition, it is prudent that the instructor understand that this course is intended to equip I as a student with life lessons and real life leadership skills.
Therefore, the instructor should not preoccupy the course with theory that does not have a practical facet to it. The instructor should make sure that the course has field lessons from which real life lessons can be attained. Therefore, my success in this course is based on my responsibility and my dedication to the course as well as the responsibility of the instructor towards meeting the goals and objectives for the course. My responsibility quotient is 67. I do not believe that this level of responsibility impacts the likelihood of my success in any way. This is because I am still in the process of learning. It is through the process of learning that I can be able to improve my responsibility quotient in the future. I am also of the view that the qualitative methodology that is outlined in this book is not the only way that can be used to determine whether a person is responsible or not. Therefore, the process of deriving the responsibility quotient cannot be considered as being a hundred percent perfect, it is subject to opinions and biases in its crafting process. Therefore, I disagree that the responsibility quotient impacts my likelihood of success.

Question 4.

My responsibility Quotient is 71