Example of admission essay on why are you interested in a graduate business degree from wake forest university

Admission Essay: MA in Management

Admission Essay: MA in Management
1. Why are you interested in a graduate business degree from Wake Forest University? How will a graduate business degree help you achieve your short-term and long-term professional goals?
The School of Business at Wake Forest University has for a long time been characterized by individualism, capitalism, and being developmentally motivated. And I believe the MA program in Management at Wake Forest University to be quite unique, since in comparison with many other schools, this program is more passionate in the nurture and development of careers at an early age. It is therefore ideally structured to help me to achieve my professional objective, which is to take care of and expand the family business,
I think the MA in Management program is perfectly designed for someone like me, who has no previous experiences in business education. My enthusiasm for the management course and my inspiration to advance in this field is a consequence of my profound passion for business development and growth. My qualifications are more skewed to management than any other discipline provided by this institution.
Having browsed the Wake Forest MA in Management prospectus, I am impressed by the range of topics covered in the course, which will give every student the opportunity to take special interest in those fields where they need additional tuition or revision. Features like “ developing the entire student” also have considerable appeal for me. The concept of working on projects in small teams, and classes that are not too large, are also attractive.
As I stated above, the demands of expanding the family business acted as a key motivator to steer me towards this MA course. My career building process has been massively facilitated and complemented by my previous business experiences. I have worked as a manager assistant in the Canada Hua Mei Mining Corporation, I was office director at Li Hua Xing Guang Television and Movie Culture Co. Ltd, and fulfilled a role as a personal banker at the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. From these experiences and my existing educational qualifications, I have learnt the differences in business cultures between China, and the U. S. There tends to be a quite different approach to business in these two nations. Those experiences have enhanced my intellectual capacity, and assisted in the understanding of what abilities I have, and what is still required. My experiences show that I still lack a leadership element that I will need in the future. When I become a part of the Wake Forest community, I will not only add greatly to my knowledge, but will also learn about and acquire the effective leadership and management styles that I will need to combine in my approach to the family business.
Business management as a skill is gaining massive appreciation in entrepreneurship, community development and in the public sector. The governments of China and the U. S. have been in the forefront in advocating the promotion of leadership and management styles, which facilitate success in business.
Undertaking an MA course in the School of Business will be an honor from my perspective. It will be part of a positive strategy towards building my career, and a key feature in fulfilling my personal desire to participate in the growth of trade between China and the U. S. As I pursue the Wake Forest course I will examine those relationships that currently exist between the two nations, and how better management can bring growth enhancements. I will focus on diversity measures that accrue in business approaches between the two nations, and intend to employ innovative ideas that will further enhance business growth. My ultimate intent is to use the fundamental knowledge and skills provided by the MA course in coming up with sustainable measures to solve management challenges, and to clarify and improve decision-making processes in the family business.