Eu yan sang

Eu Yan Sang (EYS) International Limited is a company listed in Singapore Exchange. Then, EYS is a global leading integrative healthcare and wellness company with a strong foundation in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Today, after 133 years of existence, EYS is one of the oldest companies in Malaysia with well-known brand especially in TCM products. Now, there are 299 retail outlets branded of EYS distributed in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Macao, Singapore, Australia and China. EYS began in 1873 when Eu Kong left his hometown of Foshan, settled down in the small mining town of Gopeng, Perak.

He introduced traditional Chinese herbal remedies in order to nurse the tin mine workers’ health because he noticed that the worker were depended on opium to alleviate the pain and suffering from hard work and poor living conditions. This led to the opening of the first Yan Sang shop in 1879. The shop Eu Kong founded was made up of the words ” Yan” (仁) means benevolent, kind or humane in the Cantonese dialect; ” Sang” (生) represents birth, life or livelihood.” Yan Sang” (仁生) literally means caring for mankind. Currently, there are more than 300 products include EYS’s top selling products, Bottled Bird’s Nest and Bak Foong Pills under its EYS brand name and over 1000 different types of Chinese herbs and other medicinal products offered by the group.

EYS not only retails Chinese herbs and Chinese Proprietary Medicines with fine quality, they also retail health foods and supplements such as Essence of Chicken Series and Enzyme Series to make it more accessible to modern consumers. In year 2010, EYS ventured a new market in Australia through investment in Australian-listed Healthzone Ltd and now become EYS’s wholly-owned Australian subsidiary, Healthy Life Group Pty Ltd which operates a chain of 89 HealthyLife stores and a distribution business which is one of the largest health food distributors in Australia EYS has been enjoying continuous growth for years because they remained true to the original philosophy and tradition of caring for mankind.