Ethics primer paper assignment

The author seems to be very upset that psychotherapy or psychological counseling Is rapidly replacing Biblical counseling In a church setting and explains the author’s opinion by raring examples why It does not work CITATION Church 1033 (Christian Psychology, 1986). The author believes the change Is because of modern education that promotes teaching psychology classes In Bible colleges and seminaries and laying down the foundation for familiarly and affection for things other than the Word of God.

The author mentions that It Is suggested that If a person has only Bible knowledge, he Is ill-equipped to handle the pressing problems of the humanity and that the Bible itself is not enough to solve human issues CITATION Church 1033 Christian Psychology, 1986). In order to support his disbelief in integration he cites William Kirk Slapstick that states that true Christianity does not mix well with psychology (Christian psychology, 1986).

The author points out the words of Jacob Middleman who pinpointed that modern psychiatry arose out of vision that man must change himself and not depend for help on imaginary God CITATION Church M 1033 (Christian Psychology, 1986). Modern day psychology has its roots in atheism, evolution and humanism, and as Paul Vita states it is anti – Christian. The author believes that psychology is a lie and has no basis to be considered as a science, so preachers of the Gospel who try to meld psychotherapy with the Word of God will help no one (Christian Psychology, 1986).

One of the most convincing statements authors suggests are that Biblical way of counseling is not based on theories or techniques of men but is practiced by people who know the Word and apply it to their lives CITATION Church 1033 (Christian Psychology, 1986). Authors clearly believe in the biblical counseling as the only way, where it is short termed and people are directed to specific areas of the Bible and there knees (Christian psychology, 1986). Psychology and Christianity cannot be reconciled. Truth and lies cannot live together.

In light of Entitles, how would you characterize the author’s approach to Integration? I believe Entitles would be less concerned about the abolition of psychology and more interested In proving that psychology Is God’s matter and was created by God’s people to help them learn and take care of God’s most precious creation, humankind. It’s not all that simple though, Entitles reviews the history of humanity In order to show how science evolved and what consequences It had for the development of the church and Its relationships with each other.

I do believe that Entitles supports that psychology Is a science as well. The biggest thing that stood out to me after reading Entitles was that Christians care about the mentally Ill and (Entitles, 2010). Psychiatry and psychology are supported by Christians in terms of caring for people who suffer and needed help. What is your personal response (I. E. Motional reaction) to this article and what does this say about your approach to integration?

I believe this article is filled with great faith in God’s Word and God’s ability to transform our lives; and as much filled with total disregard and even abolition of psychology, and its accomplishments. My personal response to the article is that I agree that psychology has huge gaps and even bigger limitations, whereas God on the other hand is limitless and all powerful. Therapy session is not equal to God’s Grace and work of Holy Spirit. God knows how much hair you have, therapist Anton catch up by any means.