Ethics on nitendo assignment

Nintendo has the opportunity to plan, organize, lead and control the way their games will be made on a yearly basis. When planning the types of software and accessories for the games each plan must be ran by the production company and the President of the Company to make sure that the right age group, ethics code and the graphics are made properly. Organization of the games and game system takes some time to get placed into the stores who all sell Nintendo products. Ethics comes a long way between the outside stores and the in line stores such over seas like Japan or China who has a piece of the stock from the company.

Ethics at Nintendo means that any employees who copy’s software products and sell the games or system he or she will become warned. After their first warning attempt there will be a second warning, and then a final written warning and then termination from the company. Ethics states that anyone who is doing good or bad, right or wrong needs more training on how to cooperate with others and the management team. Being able to work well with others and the customer’s is a must when in retail. Ethics is hard to come by in all business including Nintendo.

The President and his Managers must come up with how their managers should lead teams and how they should control each situation. At Nintendo have different store levels, management levels. When defining Ethics we would have to define ethics with leading those are underneath managers should teach how to behave at a company when working in a business. As the managers take control he or she must understand that each employee has a different level of training when training with the code of ethics with Nintendo. However, being managers takes time and pride with the company to keep his or her team players in line.

We believe Nintendo so far has a good way of handling Ethics when it comes to planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Nintendo must implement new rules and regulations on how ethics is brought to the table to handle customers and employees. Ethics is strong, when it comes to the business point of view. None the less, in consideration managers have to dedicate their time to help employees understand the company’s policy so that they will not make any mistakes while under the Ethics program when making the video grams or the systems.