Essay on world history

Question 2.

Question 4.
When considering the behaviors in which the prevalent culture shapes the cooperative discourse of a civilization, I think the media was very accurate because it is up to the parents to guarantee that the children that they bring up are in a position to make choices that are not only finest for them but also best for other individuals. Historians can use the media to complement their study in that the popularity of the film amongst the youth can be used as data to make an analysis. The consumption of a popular media can affect a nation’ s historical narrative in that the individuals can use media for good purposes. Instance of bad use of the media has also surfaced recently, and it is up to the authorities to regulate it. In terms of the use as evil, some people can use the media devices to cause havoc in terms of terrorism. My selection of the media was of a major help to the Egyptian people as it led to some electoral reforms. If the use of the media had not been produced from the west, my selection of contents would have been what I think is right in my society. The contents that are in the western media are as a result of what they think is acceptable in their society, and that is why people subscribe to their cultures. This is why there are people who oppose the western cultures, as they perceive them to be a source of erosion to the culture of their children.