Essay on willets redevelopment plan


Willets point redevelopment plan is a plan that is aimed at developing the city that is initially inhabited with people doing small businesses such auto repairs and waste product management. It is estimated that when it rains the city becomes very messy due to the flooding water. This is because the city is poorly developed and has no sewer lines. Generally, the city is neglected especially the willet point. The people in the city are usually prone to waterborne diseases especially in the rainy seasons. It is estimated that the people in this corner of the city live a less fortunate life.

Question 1

The reason as to why it is important to redevelop this city is because it can be great source of income for the economy of the New York City. This is by the construction of a mall that will inhibit most of the business activities. The other thing that is crucial in redevelopment of the city is the building of the housing units that are affordable to the people in the city (Copquin, 96). This means that during the construction of the units, the constructor will take key consideration of the infrastructures and other social amenities. As a result the water flooding menace in the region will be curbed. This will solve so many problems in the city including the health problems. The other reason as to why willets point should be redevelop is because it will act as a source of employment to many youths in the area. This is by the constructors hiring labor from the residents in the area. As a result, these will greatly help in fighting the poverty levels in the area. In the essence of provision of employment the crime levels in the city will substantially decrease. As a result the redevelopment of the Willis point, the city will generate some significant amount of revenue that will be profound help to the growth of the New York City. The construction of a hotel and a casino complex will also act as great sources of income for the growth of the economy.

Question 2

I would fully support the redevelopment of the willets point if the local government was going to assist the local community in the areas. They can do this by providing the opportunity of the local people and promoting the current businesses to flourish. However, the plan is aimed at bring down the initial businesses and establishing new businesses in the area. As a result, the current inhibitors of the area will be displaced and new people will invest in the area. I think it will be considerably be in order if the local government and the investors try and promote the growth of the current businesses. However, it is estimated that the redevelopment of the willets point will make it one of the biggest cities sitting next to the New York City. The other controversial thing about the city is the New York eminent domain process that has made it extremely impossible to redevelop the city (Watson, 122). However, through the intervention of the government this has been sorted out significantly. I think it would extremely important if the local government and the developers try to take into consideration the inhibitors of the place before taking any advance plans.

Question 3a

What the development plans means for me is that the developers and the local government are aimed at fully transforming the Queens to one of the biggest borough in New York City. I think the development plan means the clearing of all the infrastructures in place and putting up new ones. This is because it is estimated that the city that is under the construction will be classy and notable city in the New York.

Question 3b

The changes that can be to the redevelopment plan are just making sure the developers take care of the people who have known queens city as home for them. The other thing is that the developers should mostly focus on improving the businesses and the living standard of people in the area other than bringing new investors. This will make the transformation process easy and one that will be embraced by all the people. If the construction of those high classy structures is embraced it automatically means that the life in the city will become automatically better for the people living in the area. The other thing is that I would encourage for more development in the region.


It is therefore important that the government and the developers take fundamental considerations of the benefits and the harms of the redevelopment of the city. The government should not only focus on the benefits it getting and forget about the harm that is causing for the people in the area. In my own view the developers should involve the residents in their work in order to ensure that they satisfied and they embrace the redevelopment plan. This is because if the people do not embrace the redevelopment then it can lead to the people in the area becoming hostile making the process complicated and unachievable.

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