Essay on the social development impact

1. The children in foster care can be helped through the Foster Care Independence Act of 1999 which established the John Chafee Foster Care Independence Program.
a. This act allows the states to increase their funding and flexibility to help young people transition to adulthood. Indeed the funding can’t be enough for all the states to assist the aging youths but a number of actions can be done to improve this situation.
b. To start with, the states can source for more funds which they can use to support the foster care to promote sustainable programs which the youths can enter after the foster program is complete. In these programs, the youths can find a source of livelihoods that they can use as source of living.
2. Government through states can support these youths by creating sorts of safety nets which they can be engaged in.
a. Through these safety nets, the youths will be able to participate and get engaged in government assisted programmes and in return get some cash which they can use for a living.
b. In the safety net package the government can roll out projects which the youths can belong. Through these projects, the states can provide them with temporary homes that they will stay as they work and earn little income for living and the states providing food to them. During this time the government will be encouraging them to look for better jobs, and creating some for them as well.
3. Additionally, the states can find alternative sources of funds which they will use to fund the youths college fee.
a. Through the funded college fees, these youths can enhance their college education and increase their knowledge of initiating business as well as getting better jobs which will improve their living standards.
b. Either, if funding fees is too costly for the states, they should initiate colleges which these youths can join after the foster care.