Essay on seniors preparing for college

Along with the joys and excitement of senior year comes with the stress and anxiety of filling out college applications. Many students have either already filled out and sent in their applications or are in the process of filling them out.

Senior, Alyssa Amann, is planning on applying to UW-Whitewater, Minnesota Twin Cities as well as other Wisconsin state schools. She is applying to these schools based on their reputation of their business programs as well as the added bonus of having in-state tuition. Senior, Mollie Passon, plans on applying to UW-Lacrosse for it’s beautiful campus and as she puts in, “ its the perfect distance from home, it’s not to far away but it’s not too close either.” Although the preparation for college is stressful and exciting at the same time, both Passon and Amann are still looking forward to the rest of their senior year. Amann can’t wait to hang out with her friends and enjoy the time she has left with them before the all part ways. “ I’m really looking forward to making the most out of my senior year and making memories with me friends, no matter how corny that may sound.” says Passon. With the fun and excitement that comes with senior year there is also a lot of stress. “ It’s challenging to try to balance work and school and now applying to schools, it’s a lot to juggle,” says Amann. Passon says that for her, its about the uncertainty of not knowing where she will be next year or what she’ll be doing. Amann is also worried about not getting into her first choice and having to settle for something else, which is always on her mind. Even though right now all seniors are looking at the future trying to plan it out, they still think about what they will miss about being an Arrowhead student. “ My friends are a big part in why I love this school, it’s going to be hard to not see them everyday next year,” says Amann. Passon says that leaving the friends she has grown up with will be the toughest thing to let go of. “ Leaving the good memories that have taken this long to create will be hard, but I’m excited to make new ones at college,” says Passon.