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Find a building or structure constructed –Eiffel tower Art and architecture from the ancient times to date has played a key role that have made many appreciate the beauty in the natural environment. Buildings and structures in many regions and places are designed differently that depict and tell dissimilar stories with varied messages. In the recent times, art and architecture have grown tremendously in many institutions of learning across the globe, and this shows the emphasis and benefits that society has realized arising from the industry. Buildings among other structures made by artists and architects have portrayed different meanings and ideologies that cut across many parts of life such as cultural, philosophical, political and economical among others statements that occurs during varied time period of history, and Eiffel Tower structure in France among them. However, my goal in this paper is to present Eiffel Tower building describing its relevance in terms of cultural, philosophical, religious, and economic statements along with others. Find out who the designer or architect was Eiffel Tower in Paris was designed by Gustave Eiffel who was a renown engineer in France based at Paris that had carried out other projects before in many parts of France and Europe at large. Eiffel worked with a team of other engineers under him and he directed the project from the initial phase to full completion. Gustave Eiffel had an engineering company called Compagnie des Etablissements Eiffel that had two chief engineers working under the director Gustave Eiffel who were Emile Nouguier and Maurice Koechlin (Hanser, 2006). The three worked closely in many projects with their colleague called Stephen Sauvester who was the architect that drew the building of Eiffel tower, and the project named after the director Gustave Eiffel. Find out who built the structure The three mentioned engineers above of Eiffel, Nouguier and Koechlin were in charge of the project from start to finish, which officially began its construction in the year 1887, and the whole process was led by Eiffel who was the director of the project. The process that led to Eiffel and his team win the tender to construct was subjected to a competitive process whereby teams submitted plans and designs of the building that would be constructed in an anticipation of an international event that was to be hosted in Paris, France, of World Fair, whereby countries across Europe would come together and display business opportunities in their countries. After issues of the tender became to be public knowledge about the design and type of structure to be constructed to represent France and the city of Paris specifically, it generated a lot of debate. The plans and the project itself encountered opposition mostly because of the material that was to be used was wrought iron and the uniqueness of the structure in the sense it was going to be the tallest structure in the world (Coppa & Avery Consultants, 2011). The uniqueness in terms of the materials and the height made the subject attract a lot of attention in the public limelight and to some it was impossible to construct such a structure using wrought iron alone as a structure that stands at 1, 063 feet tall, besides being uniquely designed. It led some people to petition the project demanding its halt by the commissioners of Paris exposition, which had contracted the project. Determine the style Eiffel tower was uniquely designed that had the intention of leaving a mark to the guests who would turn out to the Paris exposition of World Fair. The style of the building had to be unique due to the fact that France was celebrating and marking 100 years after witnessing the French revolution of 1789. It was the main exposition that France displayed during the world Fair event. Eiffel tower stands at 324 meters tall and it was the tallest building and structure that existed in the world for a long period of time before other structures were constructed. The style of Eiffel tower made of wrought iron and uniquely designed has made it among the most famous and known building of the world in the past and in the present times. It displays a unique architectural style that has stood the taste of time from that early period that it was constructed and inaugurated early in the year 1889. Uhlfelder (2008) in his article The origins of modern architecture: Selected essays from ” architectural record” pointed out that Eiffel tower is on record that it is among the most visited buildings and structures in the world that has recorded millions of visitors specifically due to its unique style. The structure initially was built as a temporary structure that could be replaced in future, but due to the reception and positive statements that was witnessed by visitors and the people of France due to its unique design and style, it has remained in place up to date and has turned out to be among the greatest symbols that describe France and city of Paris at large. In choosing the style to use, Eiffel had a great task to convince panelist that wrought iron was equally strong as stone in building structures and was lighter than stone, hence due to s height of the structure it would be the best material to use. What are the economic considerations that might have an effect upon this design? France experienced a great change in almost all sectors including economic growth and developments after the French revolution of 1789. It was a major turning point for the country that shaped other sectors, including construction of Eiffel tower. Due to a stable economy that France experienced during those times, France was ready to spent as much money as possible to realize the success of the project so that she could send a message not only to Europe, but the world at large that indeed it had reached the status to be called and respected as a super power. For a country to spend almost eight million French Francs over a single project during those early times it was very expensive and costly, which left many countries and people amazed. Economists and political scientists have described this as a strong message that was being sent to the world at large about the economic stability that France as a country was experiencing (Hanser, 2006). It is imperative to note that Eiffel tower initially was considered a temporal structure, meaning the country was ready to spend such a huge amount of resource on it to show the world of its progress in terms of economic development, and the forum was right because it was a world event being guaranteed of an international media attention to send the message to the world. What were the culture or social considerations that had an effect upon this design? When France hosted the World Fair, it was planned to coincide with 100 years celebration of the French revolution of 1789. French revolution of 1789 has shaped many issues in France from those early times to the present, and French view it as part of their culture that has shaped their society at large. Eiffel tower is constructed in a symbolic manner that has four bases that supports the entire tower. In the natural world, it is said that it reflects giraffes in the wild that are tall animals with long necks that help them see far and browse while feeding. France being the first country that experienced a great revolution of 1789 that formed many aspects in the way leaders conducted business and executed power not only in France, but Europe at large. The symbolic element that turns out as the shape of a giraffe has been interpreted by many as indicating how France views itself as a leader that sees issues at the farthest point. The French revolution has shaped the social and cultural aspects and played a great role in establishing of Eiffel tower, and this building was constructed to display and commemorate the celebration of 100 years that coincided with World Fair event. Since French revolution of 1789 occurred, French people have considered and regarded themselves as civilized, and to set standards across Europe and the entire world. They have considered good governance, accountability and democracy as a part of their culture and social life, which came into light after the French revolution of 1789. To the present times, celebration of the French revolution is done and commemorated annually, and it is a big event that displays social and cultural part and lives of the French people. What was the reaction of the general populace towards this building? Immediately after Eiffel and his team successfully won and emerged as winners in the bidding process to design and construct Eiffel tower that was to be displayed in World Fair event, there was a great effort to stop the process and project at large. The main reason behind the protests witnessed was because of the uniqueness that the building had, and material that was to be used for its construction (LeBoutillier, 2007). In the history of mankind and architecture profession at large, there had never been seen such a big building being constructed of wrought iron. To the then population it was a big shock and surprise, especially after those who were in the forefront against the building came from a related background. Some Professionals including architects and engineers were against the project and did not see it as real and possible, since it had never occurred anywhere in the world, and they had questions too about the project. As a result, it realized protests from people who were against it and they petitioned the commissioners of the project to halt the project that they described as ridiculous and unrealistic. Petitioners of the project also argued that the city of Paris and France would be displayed in the world negatively because of the tower. However, after successful completion of the building two years after its launch, and the reaction that guests and residence of Paris felt about it, it led to a different reaction and experience by the residence about the structure. Initially, those who were against the project had demanded that the building be destroyed after the exposition at the world fair but their requests and demands were not granted by the commissioners responsible. With the completion of the building and attention that it attracted globally, it made many residences of Paris and a France in general feel proud and change their minds regarding the structure. Benefits that started accruing from the building in terms of tourists who came to see the structure and the international attention that France got as having the tallest structure in the world that is uniquely made in terms of design, shape and material that had never been experienced in the world before. It is noted that most people who went against the project was as a result of shock in terms of designs and style of the Eiffel tower. What kind of political statement was this building trying to make? Eiffel tower has been asserted by political scientists to have displayed a great political statement. The building constructed to commemorate 100 years since the French revolution took place showed the importance that the French people have on good political leadership and governance. The French revolution shaped the country in totality having occurred in leadership that was pursued to be oppressive and non-committed to the ordinary people and citizens. Historians have also pointed out that after the French revolution occurred, many countries in Europe and the world at large experienced a shift in leadership especially those that did not consider the needs of the ordinary people and citizens. Eiffel tower hence presented to the world a strong political statement against oppression of the ordinary people and citizens at large. Eiffel tower that was the tallest building in the world for many years sent a message to the rest of the countries of the world that France was a major player and super power in the region with great capabilities and potential. What kind of philosophical statement was this building trying to make? The structure made several philosophical statements of revolutions against oppressive regimes that are not committed to the ordinary citizens and people. For a country to construct such kind of a building to celebrate revolution that took place as early as 1789 against a strong regime and rulers, it sends the idea to its people that it is the people who matter and their interests have to come first before any other. This philosophy and ideology spread across many parts of Europe and the world especially the Caribbean areas and the United States which experienced similar rebellion against oppressive regimes. Since then, France in Europe is noted to be a country that has experienced many protests and demonstrations over issues that relate to policies that affect the majority citizens that appear to be unfair. What kind of religious statement was this building trying to make? Eiffel tower had no religion connections and therefore it has no religious statements that it displays. However, due to its uniqueness in terms of design and style, it had an influence over a nearby building of Notre Dame that is a church within the city of Paris that tried to come up with a unique design as well to compete with the tower. What types of symbols did the structure have? Eiffel tower has statues of liberty that many argue symbolize the freedom that people enjoy after from the victory of the French revolution of 1789. On top of the structure there is an additional pillar that looks similar to a rocket ready for launch. To date, the building symbolizes the struggle and victory against dictatorial and oppressive regimes that led to rise of the revolution experienced in the 1789 revolution. Describe the structure and if there were new approaches tried A uniquely designed structure made of material that had never been used before to construct such huge structure of wrought iron. Towering over 324 meters tall with iron used of over 7000 tons to raise the structure. The structure is painted regularly to control rust and the structure is big and huge that utilizes paint in huge quantities for it to get a complete cover. In joining the metal pieces together to come up with a stronger solid structure, over two million rivets is said to have been used for the project (Jonnes, 2009). In the ancient times that the structure was constructed, many buildings and structures experienced a delay in construction, especially buildings that were huge and in many instances this was caused by lack of enough resources. It led to new approaches being tried to complete such kind of structures, and in some instances it led to a change in design and style or even the builder. Eiffel tower did not experience such kind of eventualities and therefore no new approaches were tried on the structure other than the initial ones. Describe the continued influence that this structure/building has had if any Eiffel tower has shaped many aspects in Paris and France in general. It is the building that has recorded the greatest number of visitors since its construction in the entire world. It is among the greatest symbols that the people who live in Paris and France generally are proud of. It has supported businesses in the area as well as promoting education sector since many students have made educational tours learning about the building as is described by Hanser (2006) in his piece Architecture of France: Reference guides to national architecture. Many businesses use the symbol and picture of the building to market Paris and France in general. Describe in detail the historic precedent that this building has had Such kind of unique building built in the early days says a lot about the history of France that speaks volumes about the history, especially the French revolution of 1789. For the building to be constructed to commemorate the 100 year celebration of the revolution tells more about the pride brought about by the historical event. The structure itself summarizes the historical developments and value that the regime and people who pioneered and facilitated its construction had. Describe your experience, view, opinion of this structure Eiffel tower remains the most exciting building and structure that have energized many in the ancient days and present times. Many people find it difficult to believe that the building was constructed during those early days and it is made up of wrought iron. The structure has proved to be a key part that has shaped the people and country of France. Being related to the French revolution of 1789, it tells a lot about the events and history. A lot of credit has to be given to those who initiated and facilitated the project including the designers and architect who revolutionized the industry of building, construction and architecture at large by giving people a challenge in the industry as it occurred in ancient days. The challenge made people to think and come up with many creative designs of buildings and structures.
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