ertyertetert OBM March 16, 2012 Interview Questions 1. What prior Work experiences have you had? I have work at a Christian Care Nursing Center as a help aide and it showed me how have patience with people, because dealing with older people I had to understand I had to go at the pace of how fast they could go and it was not about just how quickly I could accomplish the goal. 2. What are your career goals? The way that I see my career will be after I graduate will be I a field of business to where I can use my ability of working in small groups and leadership skills to help an organization be as productive as possible. I see myself in a very hands-on and religious based career. 3. What are your greatest achievements at this point in life? Of what accomplishments are you most proud? One of my greatest achievements in my life is earning my Eagle Scout. It was one of the most difficult, but fulfilling, things that I have ever done in my life. Being an Eagle Scout has taught me how to be a person that takes responsibility for their actions and how to take control of a group or situation and lead them in the right direction no matter how difficult the conditions. 4. How do you handle rejection? When I am faced with rejection it just gives me more of a drive to do better the next time. I would go back and look at the mistakes that I made and try to focus on those points so I wouldn’t make the same mistake twice. I believe that if you fail or succeed at anything there is a lesson you could learn from it. 5. In one word describe yourself? In one word I would describe myself as ambitious. I always strive to go to the next level and I always want to better myself as a human being. But to be ambitious you don’t just look out for the wellbeing of yourself when you are in a group setting, because a group is only as strong as their weakest link. So I feel that you should encourage others to be try to do their best and never to get complacent.