Eraser head critical analysis paper critical thinking examples

In the context of this film, a surrealistic body horror is displayed which was directed and written by David Lynch, an American filmmaker. The story portrayed in this movie is all about Henry Spencer who was left taking care of his own grossly deformed child in a landscape which was desolate. Spencer is shown experiencing hallucinations and dream of his lady and child in the radiator. The surrealistic imagery as well as sexual undercurrents is clearly portrayed in this film making them the main styles used in elaboration of the intended message. The main themes and purpose of the film therefore revolves around sexual undercurrents, inactivity as well as fatalism with respect to Spencer. The intricate use of sound design in this horror film has also been used to bring out the intended message. This technical use of sound design is very instrumental in display of the themes fatalism and hallucinations as well as sexual undercurrents. The purpose of this film is basically the display of the sin and fatality caused by human beings in the society when exposed to desperate and circumstances beyond their control. The acts of sin are also portrayed through the sickly that had gone through a lot of pain and torture due to the sickness. The use of hallucinations and imagery helps to bring out the effect of sin and desperate situations in life. The effect of guilt is also elaborated in this film with the help of hallucinations and imaginations with a combination of the sound techniques. The film uses a gap between the reality and dreams to explain the sexual themes and fatality as well as inactivity.
This film is structured in a manner that all styles and techniques used are effectively used in elaborating and illustrating the themes of sexual undercurrents and fatalism. The uses of imagery and hallucinations have been used in displaying the child facing a lot pain and the efforts made by Spencer to save his child. The use of imagery therefore helps in demonstrating the torture of mind where Spencer is subjected to as well as the consequences of the torture of mind. The use of industrial sounds and the deformed child have been used to introduce an atmosphere of fear into the film. The threatening and fearful atmosphere is therefore created in the film illustrating the difference between the reality and imagination. This creates an image in the minds of the audience making them follow the movie with respect to the environment created. The use of imagination technique helps in facilitating creativity and suspense in the film; this in turn helps in appealing to the emotions of the viewers. This will also help in the presentation of characters traits that cannot happen in the real world. The use of imagery and hallucinations in this film is very useful in discouraging the evil and sinful acts like killing human beings. The dreadful and fearful atmosphere created in the introduction of the film helps in discouraging the acts which are not morally permissible in the society.
In this film, the theme of strong sexual undercurrents is clearly elaborated by the use of the image of conception as well as display of Henry Spencer to be fascinated and terrified by sex. This film has also used sperm like structures to display this theme of sexual undercurrents. The film also contains some nude images which enhance this strong sexual theme all over the film. The display and demonstration of this theme in the film is useful in discouraging the misuse of sexual activities since they will lead to negative consequences in the lives of human beings. This has also helped in showing the urge of Spencer to kill his child and the guilt that followed him. This act appeals to the emotions of the listeners and viewers of this film where the knowledge relating to the sexual influences and activities in life which may make people subconscious leading to wrong and poor decision making. This film also helps in illustration o decisions which are detrimental to the lives of people if subjected to desolate conditions.
In the context of this film, the author of the movie has accomplished his purpose in informing them of the prevailing sexual themes in the society. The film is also informative in the sense that the distinction between reality and imagination is portrayed in the film. This therefore helps in making people in the society appreciate the reality of life other than relying on imaginations. The author or composer of this film have used mainly the style of imagery and hallucinations to display both the character traits of Spencer as we as the theme of sexual undercurrents.