Eon tours proposal thesis proposal examples

– Introduction
EON Tours is a company that aims at venturing into the international tourism industry. Currently this firm has begun its operations both in Turkey and in Spokane, Washington. This is a demonstration that with more resources and proper management the company can serve customers in many other destinations around the world. In order to reach a greater consumer base, it is important that the company invests of advertising the company through a well-defined website. Currently, the company’s website needs to be revamped so that it can be able to meet the diverse needs of customers. Therefore, the overarching theme in this research proposal is the website needs to be more interactive with members of the public, if the company is going to attract a larger consumer base.
– Purpose of Study
The purpose of this research proposal is to bring up ideas of making the current website of the EON Tours more interactive. It is important to understand that in this age of digital business and governance, there is a need for websites to be structured in such a way that they can directly benefit members of the public. This can be achieved by creating initiatives that allow members of the public to participate in various activities relating to this company. This ensures that there are better relations between the company and the people who are served by this company. It is also important that the company reiterates in its website its commitment of corporate social responsibility. In this way the company will be able to successfully build a loyal consumer base.
– Research Design & Procedure
This research proposal argues that the new web design in the EON Tours website should include customer review and customer feedback tabs. In this way, the company will be in a position to make sure that it reengineers its services according to the aggregated feedback that is derived from customers. As a company that serves society, there is a need for EON Tours to engage in more activities that are geared towards creating a better environment for the general public (Tisdell, 2001). This should include the inclusion of partners such as Sierra Club that is involved with environmental conservation. It is important to note that the tourism as a whole depends on the condition of the environment (Sharpley, 2009, p. 112). This means that if the company has to be actively involved on the environment from which it reaps benefit. The participation and sponsoring of environmental activities should be advertised on their websites on a regular basis. This will demonstrate to the public the commitment of the company in safeguarding the welfare of society both in the short term and in the long run.
– Conclusion and Final Questions
In conclusion, some of the key questions that are important to ask in the development of the company website include the long-term goals of the company. The company website developers should also bear in mind that it is important for them to create a website that is more interact with customers. Customers should be allowed to give feedback and make reviews regarding the quality of services of the EON tours. In so doing, the website will be able to keep the company administration updated regarding the prevailing consumer tastes and preferences within the tourism industry.


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