Environmental issues essay

One does not agree to the statement, “ The best adjustment to global warming is to do little or nothing and to learn to live with environmental changes as they happen.” There are several reasons why one would like to refute this statement. The generation today can do a plethora of things to prevent or at least slow down global warming.
The greenhouse effect is real. The heat energy from sunlight is trapped in the earth’s atmosphere due to the greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide and methane, which absorbs the infrared radiation; thus, preventing it to go back to the atmosphere. The greenhouse effect can be reduced. Since carbon dioxide is a major contributor to the greenhouse effect, people can plant more trees which use carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Another step that can be done is to use non-polluting energy sources instead of fossil fuels. Solar and wind power can be used instead of gasoline.
The depletion of the ozone layer can be greatly reduced if people avoid using pesticides which contain toxic chemicals which harm the ozone layer. One can start using household cleaning products which are made out of natural ingredients.
Acid rain is another harmful result brought about by the use of coal and other fossil fuels. If factories can start to use natural energy sources such as the sun and wind, the occurrence of acid rain can be minimized.
The hydrologic cycle is also affected by global warming. The evaporation rate has considerably increased and precipitation amounts have changed leading to extreme weather conditions in various parts of the world. Again, the change in the hydrologic cycle can be prevented if the greenhouse effects are decreased.
Air pollution can be eased if people learn to use their cars less. One can avail of the mass transport system to lessen his consumption of gasoline. Biking and walking, which are good forms of exercise should be encouraged.
A person can choose to do nothing and just adapt to the changes in the environment. But if it is within one’s capability to do his small share in reducing global warming, isn’t it morally right to do so? There are definitely a lot of things that one can do to lessen global warming. Simple changes in one’s lifestyle can contribute to the conservation of the environment. If people do not do anything now, there might come a time when it will be very difficult for humans to adapt to the effects of global warming. Doing nothing is simply not acceptable.


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