Environment and sustainable development

Environment and Sustainable Development
The environmental field is very vital structure in the society since it combines all life forms to form a unified body of concentration. To this effect, there are numerous workers under this field who play very technical roles to ensure the success of the entire environmental field.
The following report constellates facts from an interview done with an expert in the environment field and also bears analysis generated from visiting an environmental zone. From the two preceding accounts, various parts of this report are based on.
Responsibilities of Environmentalists
Environmentalists play an important role in the conservation of species found in the world by taking care of various species and safe guarding indigenous species. This ensures that all life forms are equitably taken care of and extinction of certain species is eluded (Williamson 12)
. Assist the government and corporate as well as the public to make strides in utilization and full beneficial access from natural resources. By doing so they ensure that there is maximum use and colossal benefits from the environment mutually.

Furthermore, environmentalists are the custodians of the ecosystems and ensure that practices are indulged to make the ecosystems more successful at all times.
Relation to class material
The role of environmentalist relates to the various techniques taught in class such as botanical and zoological conservation methods to delve into the core role of environmental conservation. Subsequently, every approach undertaken in class in terms of practical work links in unison to the practical approach undertaken by environmentalists.
Interview conducted
The interview conducted involved an expert within the environmental field. Name; Contact no: The main method of interview used was question and answer and from the results achieved the report was wrote.
Relation to course from data achieved from tour
Preceding the tour of an environmental based scene/ zone it was evident that conservation of the species was paramount among all (the basis of our class topics-conservation of environment). Furthermore, there was clear evidence of improving on sustainability of the environment from various ways such as aquariuming of indigenous fish species as a way of protecting them.

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