Eng315 week 4

ENG 315 Week 4 1a Senator Reid has a plain style of speaking, with a rather slow delivery. He speaks from a seated position, which does not command very much respect, but in some ways this is part of his intention. He is pointing out a failure of the president, and the negative consequences for American citizens and so he puts himself on the level of the ordinary man.
1b This is a report type of speech. This is partly effective, but there is an expression of smugness on his face at times, which shows that he is secretly pleased at the Bush administration’s failure and seeks to win supporters from it. This is a very political speech.
2a One effective element of the student speech is the use of an imaginary example, asking the audience to think how they would feel if they won the lottery. This is good because it engages the audience and gets them thinking.
2b A less effective element is the tendency to look down at notes all the time, and then bob up and down with the head. Eye contact with the audience is lost, and this means that they are less likely to maintain their concentration on the speech.
3a Obvious factors such as age and gender are important because there are specific styles which are more appropriate for different groups.
3b With a younger male audience examples from the computer or sports fields would be effective, for example. Seniority in position would require a more formal tone.
4 I would prefer to write my whole speech and print it out fully, so that I can practise it. On the day, however, I would prefer a single sheet of paper with bullet points so that I can glance at them and ensure that I keep to my plan. I would keep the full text with me just as a backup in case I needed it, but I would hope to manage just with the single sheet.

Video containing clip of Senator Reid speaking. Dec 2008. Available at http://www. youtube. com/watch? NR= 1&feature= endscreen&v= Fm1T07Zqzj8