Employee performance literature review sample

Arguably, every individual and item has its own unique way of existence, whereby they perform their duties based on strong integration and bond to them. In this case, everything has some weakness that is understood at an individual level. When the integrative force and bonds are disrupted, the entire performance level will reduce. In an organization, departments co-exist dependency, and each department comprises diverse individuals. In the article, it is hypothesized that training and feedback in an organization improve the level of performance in various organizations. Hence, in order to bring out the impact advanced factors should be put into consideration, which includes quality of team processes, and training.
In this research, there are various participants that are expected to give results on the effectiveness of training and feedback on employee performance. The participants include the employees, the trainers, management and those who receive the service. In this research, the participants included professional teachers, students, lecturers, assistant professors, associates, education stakeholders as well as educational institutions. Individuals in this case have a role to play in ensuring that valid information is collected on issues pertaining impact of feedback and training on employee performance.
In this study, the educational institution was taken to be the research object. The research institutions provided graduate and post graduate education. In this educational institution, a sampling method was used. Whereby, a sample size of 150 was decided. The target for the research was federal level universities in the country. The sample size was served with a questionnaire that had been modified to serve the study. Moreover, the employee sample scale was used based on the questions from feedback and training. In fact, the scale that was used was a five Likert scale. The items that were used in the research were entirely relevant in ascertaining dependable information on the training and feedback on how it influences how the employee performs. In order to analyze the results, the information collected is required SPSS analysis. In fact, SPSS gives the data collected a characteristic base on mean, standard deviation, and correlation.
There is a lot of relevance of the article in the real world. In the contemporary society, organizations want to maximize its profits and achieve competitive advantage; hence, the understanding of the factors that influence employee performance is crucial. In the real world, the organization will invest more on employee training and feedback so as to realize its goals and objectives. The performance of employees has some relationship with the success of an organization. If the employees are active, then the organization will maximize its profit and minimize its costs.
The article is particularly beneficial since it tests the factors that are believed to be affecting the employee’s performance. Actually, training and feedback do a lot in ensuring that employees deliver. Noteworthy, there are other important factors that influence employee performance, which include salary, management, skills, working conditions, as well as knowledge. As an organization, it is essential to focus on these factors since organizations have diverse individuals. The article is relevant to training for a real research was carried; hence, it puts much emphasis on training. Moreover, it will put much emphasis on training issues and other activities that need to be done to boost the impacts of training.