Eh 101 essay sample

Evaluation of iPhone 5s

Nowadays, the real war rages on the gadget market. Engineers do their best in order to surprise the customers with new features, new technologies, faster processors, bigger screens and thinner housings. Apple was always a innovator, no matter is it is a PC, tablet or Phone. They were the first to present the personal computer, first to present a phone that no longer needs buttons, the phone that was made to be navigated by the best stylus ever created – the finger. Later, Apple introduced the tablet, IPad, and it began a tablet-computer revolution. The point is, everything that they create is unique, convenient and does not look like anything else present on the market.
It to talk about IPhone 5s, nobody was expecting it to be like that. Everybody thought that they will follow the trend of big screens, but Apple once again showed that they never copy, only innovate.
After selling up to 2, 750, 000 phones within twenty-four hours from its launch, Apple became an absolute leader on the cell phone market. IPhone 5s is adored by many people, and it’s prominent as many people use it at work and school. There are a lot of things that make it better than anything else available on the market, but if to talk about what benefits students can have from buying exactly this phone, we should talk about size, design and how easy to use it.
The surface of the Home button seems sturdy and reliable. It is made of sapphire glass, so it takes a lot of efforts to scratch it. Privacy issues arise like too. The company promised that Touch ID data is not passed on to third parties and government agencies. In addition, the iPhone 5S retains not the prints, but some information about them (most likely, the encoded location of the papillary lines and any other individual characteristics). So how do students benefit from this? The answer is simple – theft prevention. All this will help to secure your phone from theft, and also, deliver a lot of problems to the thief. It is very important for students, since we know that they are not the richest people to loose such things, especially after paying $649 for the phone.
The last, but not the least thing about this phone is its usability. IOS is also one of the simplest mobile platforms. The interface of the phone is so simple, that even 2 year old kid will learn how to use it in a few minutes.
One of the things, which make IOS much better than Android is its AppStore. There are few simple reasons for this. First, Apple checks all the applications before adding it to the store (unlike Google). Second, there are no viruses for IOS. Third, the amount of educational apps is increasing every day. The internet is filled with articles called: Ten apps you need to graduate from university or TOP apps for IOS you cannot study without. A lot of successful startups get money on sites like Kickstater for creating another useful educational app, dictionary, app that helps to learn foreign languages using new techniques, schedule applications, even ITunes U – A serious competitor of Blackboard.
All this makes this phone ideal for everyone. No matter is you are a student, businessman, politician or small kid – this is what makes it famous. One device that fits all your needs, everybody find it so mainstream but at the same time it is so personal. When a new iPhone model is launched, thousands of people sleep in front of an Apple store for days to be the first to buy it. Apple always knows, what the customer needs.