Education is the single most important factor in the development?

Issue: Educationis the single most important factor in the development of a country? Do you agree? IMPORTANCE OF EDUCATION Today, having a good education is really important for people. So that, most people apply a lot of tecniques which help them their work and school. Education is the single most important factor in the development of a country. Countries need a lot of things for their future because educated people are good at many things, such ascommunicationand also to know how to improve themselves. First of all , being good at communicating which has some advantages for people is very urgent for today’s life .

It brings people a lot of feasibility and success. For example, at work people get on well and behave eachother suitable. They find possibility and become successful . But if they don’t do these , they can lose many things . In addition to this, they may be hopeless and destroy their future. For these reason, people can have a good communication thanks to only education . To sum up, having good education opens people new door in their work and give them many things for their life. Another issue in the development country is that people know how to advance themselves during their all lives.

For instance, educated people improve themselves during their all lives. They learn many things and in the future when they face with some problems , they know how to deal easily, because they read or saw previous anywhere these problems . As a result, improving themselves about a lot of things is very significant for people. In the light of the above-mentioned reasons , a country cannot develop without the education which requires an essential communication and improving themselves . In my opinion , the education includes the most things that advance to the country. FATMA SARI