Econ 4020 reaction 10

ARTICLE ANALYSIS al Affiliation) Analysis The three articles focus on issues ascribed to the manner through, which governments and other stakeholders’ perceive issues of federal governments spending in regard to budgets and taxes. The article published by Bloomberg News, describes the suggestions that was made to the Washington State Government by Lawrence Summers and Bradford Delong regarding reduction of the US Government budget. Their main argument indicates that the US government should not reduce their current expenses owing to the fact that it could not have any significant negative effect in reviving the economy. In addition, the article published by the New York Times, describes various reasons why increased government budgets could be detrimental to the future US generation. The last article basically describes the elements ascribed to the American Recovery Reinvestments Act and how the government would use them to ensure that the current expenses remain constant, without any form of reduction.
Personal Opinion on Effectiveness and Challenges of Fiscal Policy
Fiscal Policies are geared towards facilitating proper use of public resources; basically, they are pertinent in the sense that they regulate the manner through, which governments and other stakeholders spend their resources. However, in many cases, these policies may be faced by criticism from certain quarters, who believe that they may be detrimental to public finances. On the other hand, many fiscal policies may also create a scenario whereby, the future generation is given the burden to settle certain debts.
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