E-business evolution

E-Business Evolution By: Scott Pitcher BIS 375 October 22, 2012 Prof. Alanzo White ? E-Business Since the dawn of the Internet business have been finding more was to utilize the Internet in a way to reach consumers that would otherwise not have known of the company products. In the 1990’s e-business came to the Internet it was unlike the conventional way of conducting business, for example before when the consumer wanted to order something out of a catalog he or she would pick the item then call the business and tell customer service what he or she wanted.

The next step would be going down and checking the product that was purchased and then taking it home. Well things have changed since the days of ordering by phone and then going and picking up the purchased item. Now in the present time he or she can order products via the Internet. Within a couple of clicks of the mouse and a credit card the product can be ordered and shipped without ever leaving the comfort of his or her home. In a brief discussion this paper will explain the evolution of e-business.

E-Business Evolution As the Internet has evolved so has e-business over the last 15 years e-business has developed from ecommerce to e-business. With e-business companies or business are able to do business not only locally but also conduct business out of the state and the United States. In today’s business companies are looking for new ways to reach consumers, consumers that would otherwise not be able to go to the place of business to make his or her purchase.

With the evolution of e-business companies like Wal-Mart, Sears, Target, and other companies that list their business and information on the Internet are striving to reach new customers and offer more services to the customers that choose to shop at the business website. The ability to reach new customers is not only for the business but also for the consumer. Now the consumer can shop on line to find the best deals for the product that he or she is looking for. Now Consumers can review websites and compare pricing for products before making a purchase.

To be compare and contrast with the way shopping for the consumer was before e-business was to take time to go to the place of business and look at the product that the company was displaying on shelf’s and on hangers. Walking around the retail shops and waiting in long lines and dealing with traffic or other sources of public transportation. With the use of e-business the consumer no longer needs to go to the place of business and make the necessary purchase via the Internet. Supply Chain Management

A business cannot operate if it does not have a product to sell to its customer that is in stock. It is the same for a store that the consumer walks into just as if he or she would be purchasing it from the Internet. Even though there are similarities between e-commerce and e-business taking purchase orders and having stock and even in some cases shipping the product. With e-commerce stoking its shelf’s are different from e-business. E-commerce use a manager or an employee to take inventory of the item that are in stock and orders the items that are running low on.

This order is then submitted and now the retail store will have to wait till the items arrive before the store inventory is brought back to its par-levels. With e-business the company that is doing business through the use of the internet has a networking system that automatically sends the order being placed by the consumer to the distributor so it can be shipped right from the distributor to the consumer without ever coming in contact with the business that is doing theadvertisementon the Internet.

Even with the ability to sell products without even carrying the item in stock means that the information being shared through the inner networking system has to be as reliable in order for the suppliers to control their product inventory and for manufactures to adjust to the amount of material that will be needed for each participating business that sells the manufacturer’s product. If the information that is being shared is not accurate it causes either a product shortage or an overstock in the manufactures inventory. Conclusion

Since the dawning of the Internet and the demand for faster customer service the way we use to consider shopping and even conducting business has been rapidly increased, having many different options on selling and buying products and material has made it easier for both sides. The consumer can make purchases from not only his or hers computer at their homes but also with the use of mobile devices and software applications make purchases while on the go. For business they will not need to build so many store locations which will reduce the company over head.

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