Drug and alcohol use in teens

Drug and Alcohol use in teens persuasive paper The society is able to provide people with different opportunities that largely contribute to the personal development. Indeed, only in the social environment a person might master the ability to generate verbal interaction as well as exchange ideas that ultimately widen the outlook of an individual. However, it must be noted that there are also instances when the society might present opportunities that have a devastating effect on the people, sometimes even literally. For example, there is a number of substances that use of which are prohibited by the government. They are called drugs. There are also substances that have a negative impact on the organism and the distribution of which is restricted. A good example is alcohol. It is highly important that people who are in their teens do not use drugs or alcohol as it will have a devastating effect on their bodies. This paper will examine this effect.
First of all, one should point out that drugs, due to their nature, negatively affect the brain of a person – the organ which is still a mystery for the science (Scheier vii). Indeed, the nature of the drugs distorts the normal work of brain and it can hardly be restored to its fullest. In other words, it is important to keep in mind that drugs do harm to the body that can hardly be reversed, so if a person decides to take drugs, there is a little chance that one will be able to leave the path of addiction and become a normal individual once again.
What is more important is that the minor harmful effects that the body might experience because of the drugs may last for a rather considerable amount of time (Hyde and Setaro 50). This means that one can not simply try drugs for one time: the consequences which are unpleasant will keep appearing after the use. So, a person should understand that nothing is worth that. Indeed, one should acknowledge that unlike other substances, drugs influence the organism of a person on a much deeper level which makes them extremely dangerous. The “ positive” effect that they drugs can be explained by the distorted functions of some organs; so, when a person takes drugs, one is deliberately tampering one’s body.
Speaking of alcohol as well as its influence on the teen, it is important to note that the latter are still in their phrase of development of different sides of their personality; so, this substance might provide them with a distorted picture of the world and they will make wrong judgments (Castillo 8). Thus, it would not be an exaggeration to put emphasis on the need for clear perception, especially in one’s teens since this is the period of life when people adopt the new knowledge at incredible speed and it is quite sorrowful that some tend to waste this valuable time on alcohol. In addition to that, contrary to the popular thought or culture that is being promoted, alcohol does not provide a person with a solution to one’s problems, so teenagers should not try it as it is not helpful at all.
What is more important is that just like drugs alcohol is able to have a profound negative influence on the body of the user. The organ that is affected the most is liver (Townsend and Roth 261). Thus, alcohol distorts the normal processes that take place inside liver and the latter is no longer able to serve the organism well which leads to a considerable number of different health conditions. One would make no mistake pointing out that live is an extremely important organ and damaging it should be regarded as a rather careless action. That is why, teenagers should think about the way to strengthen their developing body rather than damaging it.
Having examined all the information that was presented in the paragraphs above, it becomes quite clear that drugs as well as alcohol should not be used by the teen since these substances have a profound negative influence on their body. Thus, the former primarily damage the brain which is the organ that is undoubtedly the most important of all. The latter has a harmful effect on live, another part of the body that serves a significant role. Speaking of the other minor effects that the above mentioned substances have, one should note that the negative impact of drugs last for a considerable time and one can be addicted to it easily. In addition to that, alcohol distorts the perception of a person and does not allow one to make a proper judgment.
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