Dressing for work

28 April Dressing for Work When it comes to style of dress for work, there is more formal business wear and then there is more casual business wear. Sometimes what someone wears to work depends on what their job is such as if a person works in an industrial blue collar job, they would dress down. However if a person was in a career where they encounter numerous business professionals, they should dress up more. By dressing in more formal business attire when they work in a professional atmosphere, it conveys that a person is more serious about their job. If they are dressed more casually, it can look like they care less about their job. In the 1950s, men seemed to always wear business suits complete with ironed button down shirts and a tie and a handkerchief in their top left pocket. Women wore chic yet stylish business wear consisting of longer skirts and suit jackets and they often wore their hair out of their face. Today, men often ditch the suit and tie for khakis or black pants and a button down shirt without a tie or a polo shirt that is tucked in. Women have the tendency to follow trends more closely, dressing in professional blouses, layering in a lot of jewelry, and have hair fixed either up or down.
I think that the 1950s version of men implies that men were more business-minded and sophisticated. They wanted to make formal impressions. Women were more modest. People who work dress more casual and those with a career dress more professional with the exception of women who will be trendier but still look like career women so they are taken seriously.