Dp# edmond

Access to Facebook passwords by potential employers. Potential employers need to be well informed about the social life of the applicants beside other basic requirements that are listed in their resume. The practice can be viewed as a means by which the employees are taking advantage of the desperate job seekers who are willing to surrender their privacy regarding social media rather than to miss out on a job opportunity. According to Edmond, employers have the right to ask the potential job seekers to reveal their Facebook passwords in a bid to understand them better. He points out that the process assists the employers in not just understanding the potential employees but it also assist in protecting the welfare of their interest groups such as the current employees, partners, customers as well as financial regulations of the company (133).
Information from social media ca help employers receive some insights about the potential employees which is particularly important in some jobs such as in day cares and hospitals that deals with minors. Information on shared on Facebook should never be private hence job applicant should ensure that private matters that they may not want people to be aware of, should never be shard on social media platforms. By seeking some information on social media, employers are able to minimize some risks associated with sensitive departments such as finance and administration (134).
The case of Edmond can be strengthened by adding more examples of some of the jobs that require detailed background information on the life of the potential job seekers. By listing only one case lowers the backing of access to Facebook account by employers. Firms dealing with intelligence services need to have access to the Facebook accounts of their potential employees. This is because, the firms deal with very crucial matters that need not to be shared to the public owing to their great confidentiality.
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