Dority article review example

Barbara Dority believes that rap should be protected by the First Amendment because it is part of the freedom of speech. In their music, artists express their ideas, beliefs and feelings. They reflect their surrounding, their real world. The author remarks that rap and rock music are not the first to draw attention to the topics which they are criticized for. Even some operas have “ unwanted” ideas. People from all walks of life should be granted the rights preserved for them by the First Amendment. These rights were not created for the elite, they were created for everyone to make everyone equal. Rap music should be protected because, just as any other type of art, it is the expression of what the author wants to give to the audience, their personal view which they have a right to express.

I agree with Barbara Doroty and believe that censoring music is simply not right. Every modern music was first criticized when it come out. This was true for jazz and even for the Beatles. Now these types of music are considered as some of the best creations of the musical world. Their creators expressed what they were feeling and just let their talent flow. They were not limited and thus were able to create masterpieces. This music had undergone much criticism upon arrival. But it reached out to the public. Its success means that the creators expressed the burning issues of the society. Music is an art and like any other form of art it cannot be limited by boundaries.