Donatos new product development

In this case, the research should evaluate the trends in the fast-food market. With health issues on the increase, the clients tend to prefer low carbohydrate foods. The company should formulate a strategy to meet this market. The product design team should design a product that meets the needs of the customers. Testing is a vital component in launching a new product. Testing refers to evaluating the qualities of the new product to meet the standards of the company. The company should also plan on when to release the product into the market. Timing is essential to create product awareness in the market for a new product. The new product should also be monitored to check its status in the market. Adjustments can be made to the product after evaluation. The process of introducing a new product into a new market requires adequate research to ensure that the new product is profitable to the organization (Cooper, & Schindler, 2005). In the WASSUP meetings, the workers evaluate the challenges that the company is exposed to and come up with provisional solutions that may work. The diverse workforce contributes knowledge to which the workers evaluate their possible effect on the company’s chain of distribution. The organization filters the information they get from the workers to fit the research criterion. The problem, in this case, is whether the low carbohydrates diet a flash craze or a trend. From the media, the workers in the organization are exposed to, their contribution to the research question will enable the management to formulate a research design that will cover the question. The workforce in the organization is the link between the organization and the customers. The contributions of the workers will ensure that all the market trends in the fast-food segment are taken into consideration. WASSUP meetings provide credible and refined information. The workers contribute to situations that directly affect the Pizza market. With this form of market research, the workforce is involved in the preliminary decision making thus implementation of the new product is facilitated. The change in the market and tracking of the new product is also monitored by the workers.