Do modern means of communication make our society better or worse

Do modern means of communication make our society better or worse? Modern communication has become an essential and inescapable part of our life. Our means of interaction have been improved to the fullest and we are now connected to others through the fastest and most reliable means of communication. So in a way or another, modern communication has provided us a privilege of keeping in touch with our relatives all over the world. To analyze the bigger picture, let’s compare communication these days to that one used years ago. Whenever we have a difficulty, we can easily pick our mobile phone and express ourselves to someone standing on the other side of the globe. On the other hand, before eighteens, when none of these communications were available, people would wait entire days just to get a telegram, which would mostly arrived later than it was expected. So, from this point of view, we should be grateful to all the achievement that modernization has brought to us. But if we believe that communication depends on physical interactions then modern communication is a non-profitable tool. I don’t think that it can ruin our society, but it will of course cause it to be less effective. Moreover, people nowadays are stuck to their computers, ignoring the real life, and trying to get everything out of some buttons and screens. Expected to invigorate us, this manner is keeping us away from the contact with real life and enervating us. Is needn’t to travel to meet a friend, or post an invitation anymore. Just sign in from your virtual account and you can share information with them for hours and days. In addition, as long as we are very social in our activities and have face to face communications on a daily basis and electronics do not rule our life, I think that modern communication is a vast leap forward for our society. I mean we can still download information, and finish our tasks quite faster even without being addicted to these forms of interactions. I believe it would be definitely wrong to blame modern communication, only because we can’t control our obsessions. It would be a total waste to greet great advances with such incredulity. Watch the difference between stuck on and stuck to. The literal and figurative meaning changes with the object of the phrase. For example, you’re stuck on a person (fig) or you’re stuck on a job (fig), or you could be stuck to your chair (either fig or lit). Be careful with mail and post. In American English, you mail a letter and you post something by pinning it to a bulletin board (hence, poster = announcement or advertisement), which could be a physical or an electronic board. I repeat the importance of making your position clear. I think you’re saying that modern communication makes society better, but it should be more obvious. Here’s another way to think about writing this essay: 1. What would I measure (or consider qualitatively) in a society to determine whether it is good society or a bad one? 2. Which of those factors are most important in my opinion? 3. How do modern means of communications affect these factors? 4. Do not write in the essay about your answers to the first two questions, but let them come out when you say things like, “ Modern means of communication make it easier to stay close when physically separated by large distances. ” (This implies that it is good to stay close.)